Monday, September 20

Villacís opens the door for the terraces on the parking strips to remain in Madrid for 2 or 3 years

The Madrid City Council is studying, within the working group that will enforce the new Terrazas ordinance, that the terraces that now occupy parking strips can remain in these locations for a period of two or three years.

“Now we negotiate to maintain the terraces in parking strips, and if there can be a period of two or three years; it is important that the hoteliers know it as soon as possible, see the employment data and if these spaces have been consolidated in the city” , the vice mayor, Begoña Villacís, announced at a press conference.

As he has indicated, “the intention is that (the ordinance) be processed before the end of the year, to give certainty and legal security” to hoteliers and merchants and guarantee the neighborhood rest.

The issue has confronted neighbors and hoteliers. But not only, also to the coalition partners. “We work hard to say how an area is stressed. Most of the areas are not in a stressed area. It is not easy, but for this we are sitting at the table with hoteliers, merchants,” concluded the deputy mayor.

The PP was inclined before the summer to confirm the expiration date of the new licenses agreed with the hoteliers on December 31, something that Ciudadanos, responsible for the management of the terraces, opposed.

5,747 additional tables with the pandemic

The number of tables has increased since the closure of all the hospitality industry due to confinement, back in March 2020: there are now 953 more terrace authorizations than then and 5,747 additional tables, half of them on parking lots, according to municipal data compiled by Somos Madrid. Although the figures are very different in each district.

The greatest multiplication of tables has taken place in Salamanca, where more than a thousand have appeared during the pandemic (exactly 1,199, with an increase of 37%). They have increased so much that it has become the fourth district with the most terrace tables in all of Madrid. The first is still Centro, although the increase there has been much lower (292 new tables since March of last year), due to multiple factors. On his heels if we talk about terraces is Chamberí, which during the Covid-19 crisis has become the second district with the most terrace space (824 tables of increase), overtaking Chamartín.

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