Sunday, December 5

Villacís will maintain the parking terraces for two more years in its new ordinance for Madrid

The Madrid City Council already has a draft Ordinance for Terraces, which will include extending the permits for watchmen on the road by two years and legalizing high tables on narrow sidewalks. These are the two most outstanding novelties of a text that has not yet been made public but that will include, according to the deputy mayor, tougher sanctions for noncompliants and the possibility of declaring “stressed areas” in which there would be more restrictions on hospitality in the street.

Begoña Villacís has presented the general lines of the new regulations at a press conference after the Governing Board in which this legislation has been approved, which now has a path of negotiations with the rest of the parties and a period of allegations until its approval definitive in the municipal plenary session.

“A year and a half ago we had to adopt exceptional measures because we were going through an exceptional situation. At that time the capacity was very limited and the hotel industry had been closed for a long time,” Villacís began by explaining the concessions that were adopted at that time towards bars and restaurants, which he considers to have “worked well”.

“The situation has changed, we cannot say that this pandemic has ended, but we are making this ordinance with a vocation of permanence,” he added before detailing that there will be some “transitory measures” such as that of the terraces over parking lots and other “definitive” ones. As for the watchmen on the road, the result of neighborhood criticism in districts where dozens have been granted, their future will have to be decided by the corporation that comes out of the 2023 elections, since the deadline given by the City Council exceeds the current one legislature.

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