Monday, May 29

Villavicencio launches the first container with 100% recycled plastic

And he added that: “We work hard on the development of sustainable packaging and thanks to the recovery of plastic (PET) that we carry out together with the AVINA Foundation, today we have our bottle made of 100% recycled plastic (RPET). This launch is a milestone for the Aguas Danone business, which provides a framework for our commitment to 2023”.

With this launch, Aguas Danone reinforces its commitment to triple impact and strengthens the inclusive recycling program that has been carried out since 2011 together with the AVINA Argentina Foundation.

This initiative proposes to increase recycling rates in the country, recognize the work of urban recyclers, strengthen the recycling ecosystem, professionalize it, and recognize the role of recycling cooperatives.

With this circuit in action, the program fulfills the parallel goal of increasing the amount of recycled plastic (RPET) in the manufacture of packaging.

“Aguas Danone has been certified as a B Company since 2017, achieving the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and responsibility. This innovation that we work on together with the Research and Development team is part of our commitment to excellence in quality and care for the planet; at the same time that we bring our consumers natural spring water for their daily hydration”, he stated. Victoria Fernández Acuña, Marketing Manager of Waters Danone Argentina.

In mid-2020, the company began the third stage of the program that aims to reach 4,500 urban recyclers, 40 recycling cooperatives and collect 300 tons of PET per month by 2023.

This third part was to promote with funds from the firm in Argentina, the investment fund Danone Ecosystem and the incorporation of the Inter-American Foundation as an ally (from 2017 to 2020 it was also articulated with CEMPRE and Latitud R).