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Villenevue confirms that HBO is preparing a prequel to Dune | Digital Trends Spanish

dunes It became one of the most successful premieres of last year and HBO wants to get a slice of it.

In accordance with dead line, its director, Denise Villeneuve, has confirmed that there will be a prequel series based on the Dune universe. The series named The Sisterhood (The Brotherhood) will focus on the Bene Gesserit, the secret organization of women who control and shape the political events that take place in the Frank Herbert saga.

The director also explains that right now he is not supervising the project of this series, as he is fully immersed in the filming of the sequel to the film that will begin in the coming months.

At the moment there are very few details about the prequel series, but its executive producer and main writer will be Diane Ademu-John, responsible for the series The Haunting of Bly Manor from Netflix.

dunes has ten nominations at the next Oscar gala and grossed more than $400 million dollars, despite its simultaneous premiere in streaming and in theaters in the United States.

Production on the second part of the film will begin this fall and will likely take place in Jordan, where the crew worked on shooting the first part at night and early in the morning to avoid the scorching temperatures in the area.

According to some rumors the film will feature Florence Pugh (midsummer) who would play a fundamental character in the saga, Princess Irulan Corrino. If all goes according to plan, the second part of dunes It should hit theaters in October 2023.

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