Thursday, December 1

Vintage web: contains 100 million files from the 80s and 90s | Digital Trends Spanish

An impressive web archive is the one that contains disc mastersince in it there are almost 100 million images, sounds, videos, texts and multimedia elements contained in compact discs, floppy disks, and other formats of the primitive era of the World Wide Web.

This collection is from the same creators of archive.orgwhich saves the domains of millions of websites, saving the cache of the pages. have more than 117 million files that have come from 7,000 different CD-ROMs. In total there are 11.6 TB. You have more than 60 million photos, more than 27 million text documents, 3 million audios, half a million songs.

It even has NSFW search sections, that is, adult content material, such as photos and videos.

The site is very simple and refers to the early years of the World Wide Web, when backgrounds were gray by default and screen widths were almost always less than 640 pixels. The same goes for link colors.

One of the main assets of this page is the search engine that makes it easier to navigate the file.

“Yes your area of ​​research or interest is vintage/historical software, we have received a first-class tool to discover long-lost files and recover them instantly”, says the creator of this website, Jason Scott. These searches can be narrowed down with different filters: file type, format, genre, date, size and much more.

CSS, JavaScript and HTTPS They are not necessary. This site works in text and legacy browsers.

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