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Violent incidents in South Africa already claim more than 200 deaths

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The violence that plagues South Africa for about a week he has left at least 212 dead, as reported this Friday by the Government of the country, dramatically revising the balance of 117 fatalities reported the day before.

The South African Minister Acting to the Presidency, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, indicated that most of the new victims come from the province of Kwazulu-Natal (east), the epicenter of the violence. In this region 89 more deaths were counted, bringing the total to 180, while in Johannesburg and its surroundings six more deaths were added, for a total of 32, he said.

The minister pointed out that the eastern province was the scene of 1,488 new incidents the night before, without detailing his characteristics, but assured that the situation “was gradually and firmly returning to normality.” In Gauteng province, where Johannesburg, the country’s economic capital, is located, there were no new incidents, he added.

In a presentation before a parliamentary committee, the police assured that looting of shopping centers and stores continued and that foreign businesses were being attacked, Reuters reports.

The South African President, Cyril RamaphosaHe had previously said that the riots had been “planned” and that the government will prosecute those responsible. “We will not allow anarchy and chaos,” said Ramaphosa, who believes that it is clear that the incidents have been “instigated”. “We are after them,” he said without specifying who.

Likewise, he expressed his concern about the growing racial tensions in some areas of the country. Members of the white and Indian minority, who generally enjoy better conditions than the black community, have armed themselves to confront the rioters, reports Afp.

Last night the South African president was scheduled to address the nation in a speech.

Call to Reservists

Meanwhile, the armed forces have summoned all their reservists to reinforce the Army and the Police, with 25,000 troops available to navigate to critical points.

The violence It has seriously damaged investor confidence and has been a blow to South Africa’s economic recovery, said the president, who spoke in the municipality of Ethekwini, which includes the port city of Durban, one of the most affected areas.

The altercations broke out in various parts of the country after the previous president’s entry into prison last week, Jacob Zuma, who refused to testify in a corruption case. The protests quickly led to pillage and destruction, fueled by widespread anger at the poverty and inequality that persists almost three decades after the end of ‘apartheid’.

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