Sunday, January 29

Viral Diego de Merlo: he appeared just like Maradona in Argentina | Digital Trends Spanish

Argentines live looking for signs to arrive with the best vibe to the grand final of Qatar 2022 against Franceand Diego Maradona is an almost biblical figure that appears in all the references.

And now a viral video on social networks showed a post-classification celebration for the final where a young man just like D10S came out, with the same lush hair from 1986, with the same blue shirt from the consecration and an extraordinary resemblance.

On walks, and to the rhythm of “Olé, olé, olé, olé, Diego, Diego”the same one that sounds during each presentation of the Scaloneta in Qatar, upon reaching the 10th minute of the game.

The newspaper Olé comments on the resemblance:

«For many who saw the video it is a divine sign, while for others it is nothing more than a nice coincidence. The truth is that, whoever this person really is, What better than celebrating an Argentine triumph with the Pibe de Oro?».

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