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Viral: in Canada they make a statue in honor of the Cheetos | Digital Trends Spanish

Throughout the world, “Cheetos”, or whatever name they have in their countries, is a sensation that has become a fire in popular culture, with that unique flavor and especially those fingers that turn into orange trees thanks to the dust that let go grab them.

And it turns out that this special phenomenon, Pepsi-Co wanted to pay homage to him, erecting a statue in a town in Canada.

Cheetos places cheese dust-covered finger statue in Canada đź“Ť

— IG: FooCommunity (@FooCommunity) October 6, 2022

Why this particular tribute?:

“Frito-Lay, the PepsiCo subsidiary that markets the iconic snacks, has decided to put a gigantic five-meter statue in the small Canadian town of Cheadle. The reason? the orange powder that sticks to your fingers when you eat Cheetos is called Cheetle, which sounds like Cheadle when pronounced in English. So, what better than a statue of a giant hook to take advantage of this funny word game,” says a review on Gizmodo in English.

“Where else could the Cheetos brand honor the iconic Cheetle but here?” said James Gosteli, president of the Cheadle Community Club, in a statement. release shared by brand

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