Wednesday, January 19

Virtual Reality to renew driver’s license: Korea wants to update its tests for older drivers

Our driving skills diminish as we get older, it is irremediable. And for this reason, governments tend to subject older drivers to more frequent tests in order to continue enjoying their driving license. AND in South Korea they want to do these tests with virtual reality, nothing less.

Three times more ‘senior’ drivers than ten years ago

The Asian country wants to update their rules in this regard, more lax than they usually are in other territories and that they may be the cause of an increase in accidents as the population has aged. And this is happening quickly: the number of drivers senior in South Korea it has tripled in ten years according to estimates of the Korean police.

Unless they have a dementia diagnosis, there is no bar for older people to keep driving. The only limitation is the test that must be done every three years once you reach 75 years of age. So the government has set out to improve the quality of that test with a pilot program in which older drivers a virtual reality viewer will be placed.

There have been similar tests in the past that consisted of two scenarios, one during the day and the other at night, where various incidents such as an animal crossing on the road or other vehicles invading the lane in which we are driving occur. It is suspected that the Korean tests will be similar, but at the moment it has not been possible to confirm.

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If all goes well, these new tests should be able to start to be done in 2025. It will depend on them that older drivers can keep their license. For purposes of comparison, this is the psychotechnical test used in Spain to test all drivers:

Images | Remy Gieling, Jacek Dylag