Friday, January 21

Visa Empowers Consumers to Buy Insurance During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, consumers prepare to make more purchases than at other times of the year, especially online. However, the recent shift in commerce to a predominantly digital and contactless mindset presents challenges for payment security.

Visa makes available to consumers some important recommendations and security tips, which are important to consider when making digital payments, whether for purchases from a computer or mobile device, or for purchases made directly in store.

“In the last 22 months we have seen an acceleration in the adoption of digital payments in our region, as consumers trust them more for being faster, more secure and more convenient.

And at Visa, we’re continually striving to make online and in-store payments more secure. In this sense, we are working with our partner financial institutions to make available to all account holders, purchase alerts in Panama so that consumers can participate more actively in the administration of their personal financial activities related to their registered accounts. and thus have real-time information on your purchases.

We are excited to share these practices and other safety tips that can help everyone keep their payments safe this holiday season, ”he said. Eduardo Perez, Regional Director of Visa Risks, Latin America and the Caribbean.

With multiple technologies in place to detect and prevent fraud, Visa boosts payment security: online, in store and on the go, but consumers can also take their own precautions to avoid becoming victims of fraud when paying. .

Start Here: Sign Up for Transaction Alerts

Most consumers who are concerned about possible fraudulent charges check their account balance carefully and regularly. However, purchase alert notifications are a more proactive method of account monitoring. Transaction Alerts notify account holders of their transactions, allowing them to report suspected fraud in unrecognized transactions and make informed decisions about their Visa card account and finances.

Consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean can sign up to receive transaction alerts through their card issuer, or they can verify their eligibility for Visa’s transaction alerts service at

Signing up for shopping alerts has many benefits for consumers, including:

Near real-time monitoring: Customers can more easily stay on top of their spending and spot potential fraud when they receive purchase alerts. Additionally, alerts for specific categories or types of purchases keep customers informed about how their card is being used. For example, notification of card not present or international transactions are two situations in which stolen cards could be used without the customer noticing.

Ability to customize alerts: Customization options for transaction alert settings include the ability to set alerts for purchases over a specified amount, which highlight large transactions that could indicate malicious activity or simply missed recurring charges.

Better expense management: It is a useful financial management tool that enables clients to better control and manage their expenses.

Safety tips for online payments:

Before making a purchase, we recommend reviewing the merchant’s website and privacy policies, as well as delivery and return policies to ensure that items can be returned if received in unsatisfactory or undelivered condition.

Look for the lock icon at the bottom of your browser window and verify that the URL begins with https: //. This indicates that the website has additional security measures (although it should always be verified that it is a legitimate website).

Never provide your personal information, card number, password or financial information in any transaction that you have not initiated, whether by phone, in person or online.

At home, we recommend the use of computer protection programs and Internet security tools such as anti-spam, firewall, and antivirus.

Security tips for contactless and other digital payments in person:

In addition to being convenient, fast, and secure, contactless payments can help protect people at times when more precautions need to be taken, given that, in general, contactless-enabled cards and mobile devices with credit cards Payment does not have to be given to any person in the store to complete the transaction.

The technology within a contactless payment card or digital wallet is protected by different layers of security, which reduce the possibility of fraud and the data being reused in a subsequent transaction.

Issuers and Visa use artificial intelligence systems to rate each transaction in real time and accurately reject transactions with a high risk of fraud.