Friday, December 3

Visits to Plant vs. Undead in Venezuela outperform Twitter, Instagram and banking

Key facts:
  • Only Google, Facebook, and YouTube got more views than the game.

  • Major bank sites lagged behind Plant vs. Undead.

The Plant vs. Undead, the famous play-to-earn based on non-fungible tokens (NFT), it was one of the most visited in Venezuela during the month of October. It outperformed some social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, in traffic. And even from the national bank.

This is how it shows SimilarWeb, a page traffic monitor, which lets you know that the game occupied the position number 4 of the most popular websites in that Caribbean country during the tenth month of the year.

The fifth place was occupied by Instagram and, from now on, Twitter,, Banco de Venezuela and finally in the top 10, Above, only Google, Facebook and YouTube le ganaron a Plant vs. Undead.

The game, which awards tokens while plants are “harvested”, is undoubtedly something everyday among Venezuelans. This, despite the fact that it has been the subject of criticism and doubts in recent months, due to changes in the game unilaterally decided by the development team.

The overwhelming Venezuelan crisis

Venezuela is a country with a serious economic crisis, which causes the local bolivar (VES) to be constantly distorting against other currencies, to the point where it is used only for certain things, being the US dollar the coin with the most movement.

This, due to the galloping hyperinflation and which is already about to celebrate its fourth year in the Venezuelan economy, making the purchasing power get lost more and more. It is noteworthy that, in that Caribbean country, the minimum wage covers, at most, the 2% of the basic family basket, being the great bulk of the population the one that suffers these attacks.

And, precisely for this reason, Venezuelans have had to migrate to other ways of doing business and generate some money to help them survive. Cryptocurrencies have marked an important milestone in that sense, and thus the data confirm them.

According to the blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, Venezuela is the seventh country in the world that adopts cryptocurrencies the most, showing solid numbers in peer-to-peer transactions, but not by way of investment, but for subsistence, contrary to what it happens in other economies.

The game’s website exceeds in visits to the pages of the main Venezuelan banks / Source: SimilarWeb.

And where does Plant vs. Undead in all this?

Plant vs. Dead, in principle, is, like Axie Infinity, a game where you can make money. For this reason, it is part of the various actions that Venezuelans take in order to survive inflation and face the general crisis.

The fact that the game page be positioned fourth in the tracker it is no small thing, if it is known that, as of May of this year, 20.57 million people They had internet access in Venezuela, or what is 72% of the general population.

And it is that entire families have entered the world of Plant vs. Undead, then, given its advantages, They have reported earnings of USD 800, enough to give an abrupt change in their lives.

In addition, there are several reports of people who, in the face of the inclement crisis, have taken shelter with the play-to-earn, managing to correct deficiencies, quite regular in Venezuela.

The most interesting thing is that it is not new. Since 2017, when the crisis began to worsen, Venezuelans accessed internet games to obtain bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, as we reported in CriptoNoticias.

Knowing this, then it is not difficult to infer that, given the current position of the page, there are a large number of Venezuelans who continue to participate in the viral game, with the clear intention of protecting itself from the economic debacle.

Undoubtedly, it is a still latent trend in that country. Web traffic suggests that, although there has been a slowdown in inflation, according to data recently published by the Venezuelan Observatory of Finance (OVF), there is still a crisis that is being fought by online games, and even more so, by cryptocurrencies .

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