Saturday, December 10

Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum: “The level of projects in Argentina is incredible, much more than I expected”

In that sense, he affirmed that since his arrival in the country this weekend, he met many people who “He deeply understands that this technology solves problems and that crypto is delivering a lot of value to people every day.”

“I am very impressed. I did not expect even close to this. The size of the community and the level of projects here is incredible, it is much more than I expected and what I have seen in the world so far”, Buterin assured tonight during a talk at the Usina del Arte, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca.

As he said, the fact that the peso is a currency that “inflates very quickly and that they cannot have for a long time” creates an environment in which “People can see how money works and that they are open to new ideas.”

“I see that many people are accepting crypto as a means of payment and to save value. There are people working in decentralized projects and NFTs who understand its value easily. I cannot predict the future, but I think it will be the Argentines themselves who decide that It will happen”, manifested.

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The visit of 26-year-old Russian programmer Vitalik Burterin to Argentina caused a stir in recent days on social networks and among his followers, who did not anticipate his arrival in the country and who came en masse to the La Boca neighborhood, where they filled the central hall of the Usina del Arte.


In fact, the organization of the event was decided this Sunday at the last minute given “the enthusiasm for the coming of Vitalik to Argentina”, as recognized by its organizers, which was reflected in the demand for tickets: in just five minutes the first 780 locations that were made available were sold out. “This happened in two days. VItalik himself said he wanted it to be a trip to help the Ethereum community in Argentina”, explained Santiago Siri, founder of Democracy Earth and one of Buterin’s interviewers during his presentation, along with Olivia Goldschmidt.

“Decentralization technology is going to help small countries much more than large ones. Crypto really is an opportunity for small countries that have not been winners for the last 50 years and that many of the consequences are unpredictable.” affirmed the creator of Ethereum, while highlighting the power of Argentina to advance in this regard.

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“We see that Argentina has a lot of crypto talent despite not being the center of the economy,” assured the Russian programmer.

Furthermore, he stated that “the value of decentralization goes far beyond money” and that in a world where “many elements of the old order are falling and I enter a world in which we do not know what the pieces will be like that will go in their place.”

Asked about its value in the real economy, he said that blockchain is “useful” to support “active in the real world”, such as in the land or real estate markets, since it would allow progress in innovations such as dividing property or forms of “collective property”.

“There is a lot of room for experimentation but those will only be possible if the legal environment makes it possible”, said Buterin, who said he was in favor of a regulation in which the government encourages the development of new projects.


“I am optimistic in terms of adoption. One of the reasons that makes me think that the price of crypto will not go to zero is because they have very dedicated communities behind them. I think that Bitcoin and Ethereum have enough people dedicated to this that they are going to do. let it never disappear. Today they are international currencies “, he claimed.

Still, he said to be prepared to see a “bear market” in which the price of crypto could fall by “80 to 90%.”

“The projects that survive such a market will be what really have value”, Hill.

Ethereum is a global open source platform for decentralized applications, which allows programmers from anywhere in the world to work on it and build applications of all kinds that run on its basis of smart contracts.

Currently, Ether -the cryptocurrency that corresponds to the Ethereum platform- is the second with the highest market value in the world with almost US $ 480,000 million, only surpassed by the market value of Bitcoin that reaches US $ 920,000 million, according to the Coinmarketcap portal.