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Vivint vs. Ring: Which Home Security System Is Right For You? | Digital Trends Spanish

Home security is something we should all take seriously. The last thing we would like is to experience an event that we could have prevented if we had taken preventive measures, such as comprehensive security systems. We face Vivint vs. Ring, two of the great alternatives that have attracted attention in recent years with solutions that you can install on your own.

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We will detail all the aspects related to their characteristics, how they can protect your home, their functions and their prices. There is a lot to discuss, including whether they offer a 24-hour monitoring service to contact emergency services and provide help when you need it most.

Service cost

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Between the two, Ring is more direct about how much the service will cost you for home security coverage. The plan Ring Protect Plus offers 24/7 professional in-home monitoring for $ 10 per month or $ 100 for a year.

The service consists of notifications in case of theft or other emergencies, a call from the Ring Monitoring Center to confirm a situation that requires support and the dispatch of any response that is necessary.

With Vivint it is something different. You must fill out a online questionnaire which will then notify you if a representative calls you to request a quote. A broad picture of individual requirements needs to be obtained so that the system is precisely tailored to your needs.

Vivint offers professional 24/7 monitoring for theft, fire, medical and carbon monoxide alerts for $ 30 per month, but the cost increases with other add-on options like video storage .

Hardware cost

Components of a home security system to compare Vivint vs.  Ring

To take advantage of all of Ring’s home security services, you will need to purchase a Ring Alarm Security package. It starts at $ 200 for a five-piece starter kit, which gives you the essentials: the base station, keypad, touch sensor, motion detector, and range extender.

There are other packages that include more accessories, like an indoor camera, but you can add separate components later and even use older version devices, although there are some restrictions.

Vivint hardware cost is determined after the initial phone call, but can range between $ 599 dollars up to $ 2,000. At the point of entry, the plan includes a motion sensor, water sensor, touch screen panel, and two door / window sensors.

Additional components can also be added to the vivint home securityincluding smoke detectors, garage controller, and much more.


Video doorbell mounted on the wall of a house to compare Vivint vs.  Ring

Ring’s home security system can be installed at no additional cost, making it a real solution if you want to save money. It’s actually quite simple, because the home base is the brain behind the scenes, allowing all accessories to connect to it.

However, Ring offers professional installation courtesy of OnTech which starts at $ 100 per device. Interestingly, the five-piece Ring Alarm Security Kit costs $ 99 to install, but be aware that additional devices, such as any of Ring’s security cameras, will incur separate installation costs.

Vivint’s installation cost doesn’t require as many calculations. There is only a flat fee of $ 99 with the Vivint home security system. A technician will install all the components you chose during the quote process.

Since it is installed by a specialized technician instead of a third party, you will have more peace of mind knowing that they know the products and the installation.


Motion detector installed in the inside corner of a house
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Both companies have a diverse set of accessories, cameras, locks, and many more devices to ensure that your home is protected inside and out. However, the main advantage of Ring is that it offers many more camera options than its rivals.

From video doorbells for the front door to outdoor cameras that can detect motion with the help of radar technology, Ring’s options are far more abundant and take advantage of the newest technologies.

Vivint’s camera selection may be narrower, but don’t discount it, because your home can be outfitted with other smart home devices such as a thermostat, lock, garage door controller, lights, and many others. That is in addition to all the other accessories Vivint offers, so you can get that whole house coverage very quickly.

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