Tuesday, August 9

Vocalist of the anti-system band System of a Down launches NFT collection on Ethereum

Serj Tankian, lead singer of the renowned rock band, System of a Down, announced that he has everything ready to launch a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum network.

The collection called «Not for Touching – The Intangible Composition«, Will be composed of 21 digital artworks, accompanied by musical compositions, also made by Tankian, reported Rolling Stone magazine.

Additionally, there will be four series of a collection of 25 NFT They will also have a physical replica of the works, signed by the artist, and four versions of a series of 100 other NFTs.

The NFT will be exhibited in an interactive gallery on the Curio platform, and will be available for sale from December 6. There will be several simulated rooms and large-scale animated graphics by Roger Kupelian, creator of the special effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Digital parts can be acquired with cryptocurrencies and in US dollars with a debit or credit card.

NFTs are the next step

In Tankian’s view, NFTs “are the next step.” Consider that in the world of collectibles can not only connect music and with real paint.

Currently, one of Tankian’s animated works called
“Space Clock (Black)”. Source: Screenshot / youtube.com

«Art, my art makes my music more exclusive. In other words, I enjoy the interrelation between tangible and non-tangible creations », stated the artist, referring to the ability of NFTs to be a unique, unrepeatable asset limited in its quantity, as indicated by the Criptopedia, an educational section of CriptoNoticias .

Tankian’s environmental activism questioned

The announcement of the launch of the NFTs of Serj Tankian, caused a stir in the social network Twitter, because the artist usually composes and sings songs that talk about environmentalism and environmental protection.

One of the Twitter users @ Auricom5 I ask; “Don’t you write songs complaining about the destruction of the environment?”

For some, it seems contradictory that the singer puts some NFTs up for sale, due to the false belief that things related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains have a polluting effect.

Faced with questions, Tankian answered who understands the concern that exists about the environment and clarified that on the Curio platform, each of your NFTs is equivalent to sending 17 emails.

“Doing a physical art display with the boxed paintings, shipping and travel are much heavier on carbon, just to be clear,” added the System of a Down singer.

Rock and the NFTs

Serj Tankian has been involved in a world in which another band from the rock scene has collected millionaire rewards, it is about Kings of Leon.

American rock band raised more than USD 2 million for the auction of the NFT collection earlier this year, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

In fact, the sale was classified as historic because it was the first band to use the Ethereum network to launch his musical work.