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VOIR: David Fincher’s new project for Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

With productions like Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network and Mank, David Fincher is one of the most recognized film directors of today.

His work at Netflix has allowed him to reach a more massive audience that has been able to meet and enjoy his work in Mindhunter; Love, Death and Robots and House of Cards.

Everything indicates that the association between the filmmaker and the streaming platform will extend over time. In fact, now the streaming service has announced what its next project will be.

This is VOIR, a series of visual essays that aim to “celebrate the cinema”, as advanced by the company itself.

This new work will also be exhibited at the AFI Festival, between November 10 and 14. It does not yet have a date for its premiere on Netflix.

“From Executive Producer David Fincher… VOIR, a new documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, from the mind of one of cinema’s modern masters. Premiered at AFI Fest and soon on Netflix ”, says a publication of the service shared on Twitter.

From executive producer David Fincher …

VOIR, a new documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, from the mind of one of film’s modern masters.

Premiering at AFI Fest and coming soon to Netflix.

& mdash; NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) October 13, 2021

In this new series, Fincher will be the executive producer, while the direction will be in charge of David Prior, Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou.

Many fans of Fincher may have been disappointed with this new announcement, as the company had announced shortly before that it would unveil the new work of the renowned filmmaker.

For the same reason, many had been excited and imagined that it could be the third season of Mindhunter, one of the director’s most important jobs at Netflix and currently on hold due to Fincher’s other work commitments.

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