Thursday, December 9

Volaris airline now operates in El Salvador, what to do to buy tickets with bitcoin?

Key facts:
  • It is unknown when the company will include bitcoin as a payment method.

  • El Salvador will not be the only country in which bitcoin can be used to buy an air ticket.

The Mexican airline Volaris officially inaugurated the operations of its subsidiary in El Salvador in a public ceremony that took place at the Óscar Arnulfo Romero international airport in San Salvador. During the event, President Nayib Bukele stressed that it will be “the first airline in the world to accept bitcoin.”

A month earlier, Volaris had informed which began its operations in El Salvador with the San Salvador-Mexico City route. Further, ad on Twitter that Salvadorans will also have available flights to the United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras.

However, CriptoNoticias was able to verify that the option to buying air tickets with bitcoin (BTC) is not enabled on the company’s website. There if other alternatives such as credit card, debit card or online payment platforms such as Paypal appear.

Through the WhatsApp chatbot that the company uses to offer customer service, bitcoin is absent from the payment methods it offers. Much less is the name of the cryptocurrency recognized. “I’m a robot in training,” he points out every time the word bitcoin is mentioned to him.

Paying with bitcoin is not yet possible at Volaris

To know details about the payment with BTC in Volaris, CriptoNoticias requested information from the airline through its different contact alternatives published on its website, but so far, it has not received any answers.

However, the airline did detail, in response to a query from Reuters, which the use of the cryptocurrency would only be accepted for the payment of services in the air terminal of El Salvador. The company did not report when it will have the option to pay with BTC or offer any other details.

It means that only people who buy a ticket at the El Salvador airport will be able to pay with bitcoin. To acquire it by any other means or from other countries, they will have to pay for it through other methods.

So far, Volaris has not included any information on its social networks about the possibility of receiving payments in bitcoin for the services it offers in El Salvador. In addition, the word bitcoin was not mentioned by Enrique Baltranena, the CEO of the airline who intervened during the opening ceremony of operations in the Central American country.

Some Twitter users have manifested your doubts regarding the purchase of tickets with bitcoin. “I want to travel, but I can’t find bitcoin as a payment option,” wrote BtcAndres, showing a screenshot of his failed attempt.

In a video published by the Press Secretariat of El Salvador, It is detailed that the airline will receive bitcoin through the Chivo Wallet. However, many Salvadorans continue to report difficulties using the application developed by the government.

“How could we pay if the Chivo Wallet does not work, nor does it allow us to withdraw the profit from the investment that we have made with effort, it has not worked for 46 hours now”, wrote on Twitter a user identified as Fredy Blanco.

In any case, El Salvador will not be the only country where you can pay for an air ticket with bitcoin. As reported by CriptoNoticias recently, the Maiquetía International Airport, the main air terminal in Venezuela, will have payment buttons with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or DASH, to purchase airline tickets.