Saturday, September 18

Volkswagen presents its new electric mini SUV | Digital Trends Spanish

Volkswagen has presented at the Munich Auto Show 2021 a new concept of fully electric mini SUV: the ID.Life, which if built as its concept looks could be one of the most futuristic vehicles that exist to date.

This mini SUV belongs to the ID line that Volkswagen has been developing for some time. It has a 231 horsepower electric motor, whose autonomy is 250 miles (400 kilometers approximately) thanks to its 57 kWH battery.

But beyond its electric motor, perhaps the outside is the most interesting. The ID.Life has a retractable roof, so it could be considered a convertible vehicle. And also, both the roof and certain parts of the interior of the car are made of different environmentally friendly materials, including plastic from recycled bottles.

Meanwhile, the steering wheel has a shape very similar to that of Formula 1 cars, with a touch front panel with buttons to activate or deactivate various functions of the vehicle. The front panel image does not show a screen, but you do see what appear to be touch buttons on the wood-like material, to which the phone can also be attached.

Because it is a conceptual design, there are some elements present that may never make it to the final version. One of them is the seat configuration, which allows the front seat backs to be completely horizontal; this is something that already exists in the mini SUV, but always with the rear seats.

In addition, the ID.Life does not have mirrors but a system of internal and external cameras that, for safety reasons, it seems very difficult to be implemented in a version for sale to the public.

Regarding the latter, Volkswagen’s plan is for the ID.Life to go from being a concept to being a final model by 2025. And in Europe, its sale price should be around 24,000 euros, which for the company is the price of the entry-level electric vehicle.

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