Monday, January 17

Volkswagen to invest $ 100 billion in five years in the car of the future

The Trinity project

The Volkswagen Trinity is actually a project of an electric car straddling a saloon and a crossover that shows quite a sporty look.

A project that includes all the company’s hardware and software expertise. According Ralf Brandstatter, CEO of the company, will offer “great autonomy accompanied by extremely short charging times.”

In its interim report for the first quarter of 2021, the manufacturer stated that it “will set new standards in terms of range, upload speed and digitization.”

Volkswagen ID.Life

It is a vehicle specially prepared for the city and it is estimated that it will hit the market in 2025. It should be remembered that this electric model of 4.09 meters long It was one of the great novelties of the Munich Motor Show.

Volkswagen registered the design of the electric model at the European Patent and Intellectual Property Office, which revealed a leak that exposed the headlight shape, grille, the design of the hood and other interesting details.