Tuesday, March 28

Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei’s autonomous driving unit | Digital Trends Spanish

According to German media, the Volkswagen company would be in talks with Huawei to acquire its autonomous driving unit.

According to the report, the executives of the vehicle brand are negotiating this agreement, which would involve technology systems that animals have not yet developed.

Part of these rumors indicate that Volkswagen could also buy an entire autonomous management division of Huawei, in a transaction that could reach one billion euros, according to the Manager Magazine media.

In recent times, automakers and technology companies are investing billions in autonomous management, with the intention of gaining an advantage in this field that is projected as the future of mobility.

Indeed, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess noted this week that the auto industry will see an extension of autonomous management within 25 years.

He also indicated that the German manufacturer is seeking new alliances to increase its software self-sufficiency.

For its part, Huawei’s activity in the automotive field has been limited to cooperation with partners. Along with the Seres brand, Huawei is developing hybrid vehicles with its HarmonyOS operating system.

The Chinese giant has also revealed its plans to develop a high-end autopilot system, which has sparked the interest of Volkswagen executives.

According to what was announced by executive Wang Jun, Huawei’s intention is to develop driverless car technology by 2025.

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