Wednesday, January 19

Volkswagen’s electrics will be almost fully charged in nine minutes: these are the improvements that will reach the ID range

Volkswagen has announced a series of improvements that will affect its ID range, the company’s electric vehicles. Among these novelties, some of which will be received by OTA update, you will find improvements in your own charging power, which will allow the car to be recharged from 5 to 80% in just nine minutes.

These improvements will affect the ID.3, ID.4 and ID5, as well as the company’s upcoming electric vehicles. We tell you the news that Volkswagen has announced respective to the load of their cars.

More fast charging, better recharging network

Electric vehicle manufacturers agree that optimal charging occurs in the 20-80% range. It is precisely the data that Volkswagen gives, which states that its ID will charge up to 80% in nine minutes (yes, from 5% load).

This improvement is possible thanks to an increase from 125 kW to 135 kW (an 8% improvement) via software update. All models that have a 77 kWh battery will increase to this figure, although there is no arrival date for the OTA.


To take care of the battery, the load limit is set to 80%, unless the user establishes otherwise in specific situations. According to current studies, the 80-100% charge range is the most stressful on the battery.

Another improvement that will come via update has to do with the management of said fast charge and the information it provides to the driver through the car’s infotainment system. The duration of the load will be evaluated dynamically based on the capacity of the stations, to find the maximum balance between charging speed, battery health and trip duration.

Volkswagen has also announced that, by 2022, it will introduce the Plug & Charge function, the electric recharging system without the need for cards or applications to authenticate with the charger. Nevertheless, in the Volkswagen group it will be necessary to continue using the card, but the authentication process will be faster, as promised by the manufacturer.

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Finally, Volkswagen will offer a bidirectional charger for IDs with higher battery capacity, although there is no news on the price and power of these chargers.

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