Friday, January 28

Volvo made a toy excavator out of LEGO – it’s so good they’ve turned it into a real autonomous electric vehicle

In 2018, Volvo partnered with LEGO to build a Technic series vehicle. They created the LEGO Technic Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX, which was not just a toy, but it was a small-scale prototype of an autonomous electric construction machine.

From Volvo they say that working on a LEGO helped them to test new construction ideas and now, three years later, they have been based on this toy to turn it into a 100% autonomous prototype with electric battery.

From LEGO toy to ambitious autonomous vehicle project

This is the toy they made with LEGO

This LEGO vehicle is the first LEGO Technic proposal to become a real vehicle. Volvo has announced the prototype of its Volvo LX03, which it calls “the first real-world example of a self-learning wheel loader to make decisions, perform tasks and interact with humans.”

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And this has become

La LX03 is an electric self-contained convertible loader / unloader, up on sensors to maintain balance when picking up heavy loads with the shovel.

The vehicle is shaped like a scissor, which gives it a lot of mobility and different working positions

is designed for working on land, collecting heavy materials, mining and other industrial works. It has a scissor-shaped design, which Volvo claims allows greater freedom of movement and stability during the loading process.

It has a total weight of 5 tons, measures 5.9 meters high by 2.1 wide and 1.9 high, reaching a maximum speed of 38 km / h. Its battery has a capacity of 40 kWh, and Volvo promises that it has an operating time of between 4 and 8 hours.

Although it is a prototype in testing, Volvo wants this machine to become a commercial vehicle, although it has no date for its mass production.

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