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Volvo Unveils World’s First Green Steel Vehicle | Digital Trends Spanish

Steel is one of the main sources of CO2 emissions. For this reason, a few months ago, the steel producer SSAB, a native of Sweden, announced the production of the world’s first “green steel”.

It is a fossil-free steel whose manufacture does not generate CO2, according to the company.

This green proposal caught the attention of Volvo. In fact, the manufacturer has just shown the world’s first vehicle to use this new type of steel.

It is a car that is used to transport cargo with four wheels, totally electric and manufactured for the exploitation of mines and quarries.


In addition to not emitting greenhouse gases, it is also autonomous and can follow a scheduled route to transport materials on a construction site.

Lars Stenqvist, CTO of the Volvo Group, said that most of the steel in the vehicle is free of fossils. According to him, three of the machine’s 8.2 tonnes of weight are made of SSAB green steel, and those eight tonnes include other heavy components such as tires.

“This initiative with SSAB sets the benchmark for a fossil-free future,” explains Martin Lundstedt, President of the Volvo Group.

“Just as the nations of the world meet at COP26 to address climate change, so organizations and industries must work collaboratively to develop new innovative solutions for a future without greenhouse gas emissions.”

The company wants to start a small-scale production of the vehicle next year and increase the number of units depending on the availability of this new type of steel from SSAB.

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