Wednesday, January 26

Vomitive ongi etorris

The president of the PP of the Basque Country, Carlos Iturgaiz, imposed by Pablo Casado, manifested on his official Twitter channel a few weeks ago referring to EH Bildu and its leaders, who organize “vomitive ongi etorris to the ETA from Bildu “and who” laugh at the victims. ”

This past Monday, the group of prisoners made public their decision not to carry out more ongi etorris (welcome to the prisoners). “There are people who have honestly expressed that they feel pain with ongi etorris public “, they acknowledged, that is why” we clearly say that our desire is to alleviate all suffering and open new options, heal wounds and strengthen coexistence among Basque citizens “, so there will be no more ongi etorris public, as requested by the associations of victims of terrorism, the PP and Iturgaiz himself.

Once the objective was achieved, Iturgaiz was slow to develop his new strategy, but after thoughtful speculations, he succeeded and explained it on his official Twitter channel: “The vomitive receptions are made private and thus obtain from Sánchez the release of ETA murderers and whitewash them” . It is clear that the problem was not the “vomiting ongi etorris “, there was, and is, something else. Iturgaiz did not like the announcement that there will be no more ongi etorris public.

It is obvious that something is moving in the, until recently, immovable world of the nationalist left. The democratic penance to which Arnaldo Otegi and his Sortu party, integrated in the EH Bildu coalition, are doing, seems to be activated. It is also true that doubt always plans, the difference between public speech and private speech. What is said about outside doors and inside doors. It was specified by the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortúzar: “With the nationalist left we always have the doubt of whether it is sincere or purely instrumental, if there is an ethical analysis and a purpose of amendment or if it is to place ourselves on the political board in a better way and take steps in your strategy. ”

After the dissolution of ETA, which some of us saw impossible, let’s face it, this past October, ten years later, came the staging in Aiete of the solemn declaration of the leaders of Sortu, Arnaldo Otegi and Arkaitz Rodríguez addressing the victims of terrorism: “We want to convey to them that we feel their pain and affirm that it should never have happened.” This same week the group of prisoners announced that the ongi etorris public, as had demanded, among others, the groups of victims of terrorism. Sure enough, something is moving.

But for Iturgaiz, this movement is nothing but a Chinese tale. He is clear, like some others, that we lived better against ETA, and we must continue with the rattle. The bad thing is that the political strategy, to call it somehow, of Iturgaiz in command of the Basque PP, has given him ridiculous data. In the last Basque autonomic elections, held in 2020, the PP united with Ciudadanos in coalition, and with Iturgaiz himself as the candidate for Lehendakari, obtained 6% of the votes, specifically 60,000 votes. His worst ever result. Meanwhile, the PNV obtained 39.0% and almost 350,000 votes, and EH Bildu 27.86% and almost 250,000 votes.

The PP is today a residual party in Basque politics, but that does not prevent Iturgaiz from trying to influence the approval of the regional budgets. And, the question is, with what numbers? The PNV-PSE coalition government already had them on track thanks to its own votes, 41 out of 75 parliamentary seats, but it opened negotiations that, surprisingly, caused EH Bildu to withdraw its amendment to the entirety and negotiate certain aspects of those budgets. This Wednesday EH Bildu signed its first budget agreement with the Basque Government. That is, in the EH Bildu coalition they are willing to do politics and fulfill, for this, the democratic penance of their most powerful formation, that of Otegi and Rodríguez, Sortu.

It is not only in Madrid, with support for the budgets of the coalition government, but also in the Basque Country itself with that political turn that tries to influence governance, supported by an important electoral revenue that does not seem to be going down in the next few electoral confrontations.

It is obvious that something is moving in the area of ​​the nationalist left and that seems not to please Carlos Iturgaiz, president of the Basque PP, who denounced that it is the way to “advance towards independence” of Euskadi and “accelerate identity politics.” It is clear that Iturgaiz, and a large part of his party, does not like that the nationalist left has exchanged weapons for politics. That is why he denounces the “raca raca of the PNV’s right to decide”, without noticing that he returns again and again, with the raca raca of ETA, which no longer exists.

It cannot be denied that EH Bildu has among its objectives “to achieve a Basque Country based on independent social justice.” But Vox also has the declared objective of the complete elimination of the autonomies, fundamentally the Basque and Catalan, and that Iturgaiz is not concerned in the least. He already said it in the last electoral campaign, using his own name in the expression: “What unites us, the voters of Vox and Carlos Iturgaiz, is the defense of freedoms, of the Spanish Constitution and the unity of Spain in this land. “. The Basque land, specifically.

Iturgaiz, in that sense, is a good student of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, he has neither the advisor, nor the grace, nor the communicative capacity, nor the false candor of the Madrilenian, but he intends to institute a recalcitrant right-wing compromise, far from the spirit of other popular ones like Borja Sémper, which allows him to influence the Basque political scene. Semper’s path in the PP was cut off, despite the fact that he managed to increase votes in the last municipal elections in San Sebastián, with a clear idea: “Vox is a party diametrically opposed to what the PP represents.” Iturgaiz represents the opposite way.