Monday, August 8

Vox accuses the Valencian Government of “promoting anal sex” and Ximo Puig responds: “It is not mandatory”

The parliamentary group Vox has focused on Wednesday its question of control to the Valencian Government in criticizing a sexual education campaign, accusing the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, of “promoting anal sex” and promoting “the ideological corruption of minors “.

The far-right group has picked up a piece of news from a digital portal that censors a campaign by a group that is a member of the Valencian Youth Institute on taboos on sexuality, in order to promote healthy sexual relationships. The campaign indicates that it is not an exclusive practice in homosexual couples and calls for the use of prevention methods in sexual practices.

The Vox spokesperson, Ana Vega, has accused the resident of “ideological moral corruption” of minors, also referring to the 32 LGTBI books that an ultra-Catholic group has denounced in Castell√≥n and that the court has determined that they are protected by the regulations of no discrimination in force.

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has called on the parliamentary group to abandon the phobias that it professes weekly in the hemicycle. “They have to show that obsession against gender violence,” said Puig, who sentenced his speech, recalling that “anal sex is not mandatory.”