Thursday, September 16

Vox and Ciudadanos accuse Rufián of inciting hatred for his interview with ‘I’m a pringada’

The last program of La Fábrica, the interview space of deputy Gabriel Rufián on your Youtube channel, has raised a great stir on social networks. His guest, the actress and writer Esty Quesada, known as ‘Soy una pringada’, answered sharply to the Republican’s question about what to do with Vox: “Kill. Is it wrong to kill? Yes. Sometimes, no. But it is I already see that either we kill or they kill us, “he said.

The controversy has not been long in coming and many have accused both Rufián and Quesada of inciting hatred and violence. The first to react have been some Vox deputies. The far-right deputy Magdalena Nevado alerted via twitter to the content of the interview, calling the young woman “disturbed” and accusing Rufián of smiling at her statement, attaching a fragment of the speech in which the deputy appears with a serious gesture .

His party partner Francisco Contreras also echoed the interview, in a tweet in which he mentions the Civil Guard, while the writer Lucía Etxebarria points out that Rufián charges “85,000 euros a year from our salary and no one denounces for incitement to hatred “. Juan Luis Steegman points out that the deputy uses ‘I’m a pringada’ to “instigate the murder against Vox” and wonders if the rest of the deputies will continue to greet him “as if nothing had happened.”

Although there has not yet been any pronouncement from the official Vox twitter account, nor from the party leader Santiago Abascal on this matter, who has condemned these statements has been the president of Ciudadanos, Inés arrimadas, who has written through Twitter that “these are words of hatred and inciting violence against people from Vox. The same people who want to prohibit compliments to women on the street are sure to defend that these atrocities can be released with complete peace of mind.” From the account of the orange formation they have also shown their “condemnation and most absolute rejection” of Quesada’s words, lamenting that “this type of atrocities is loudspeaker.”

Rufián’s question about what to do with Vox came from another question. “How do you live this roll of Vox, of the right, of fascism, the aggressions that are now against the LGTBI collective?”. “There is a problem on the left, that instead of going against the enemy, which is the right and the extreme right, we always attack each other, pointing at each other,” he replied. “Can’t you see that the fucking enemy is in Vox and not in your partner next door?”, Quesada asserted, pointing out that “it is very on the left to be super correct and not be able to say anything wrong and if someone has said something wrong 10 years ago we had to cancel it. What I think is that we should buy weapons, Molotov cocktails and ‘pum’, because that’s what they are doing with us. ” This part of the interview can be seen from minute 20.

After these words is when the deputy the question arises, “what is there to do with Vox?”. After Quesada’s response there is a cut in the interview and they go on to talk about another matter, so not Rufián, who has shared on his twitter account several of the criticisms of the interview, neither censors nor applauds the intervention of his invited. Nor can their reaction be appreciated.

The truth is that this is the usual tone of the actress and writer in her speeches, who began to gain popularity thanks to her irreverent videos on YouTube. In his speech during the last Feroz Awards he joked about ETA and in this same interview with Rufián he affirmed that a limpet bomb should be put on the wedding of the presenter Cristina Pedroche and the chef Dabiz Muñoz and that the ‘influencer’ Pelayo Díaz “presumably deserves death”.

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