Tuesday, July 5

Vox and PP cut 20 million in subsidies to unions and employers in Castilla y León

Vox and PP have announced the cut of 20 million euros in subsidies received by unions and employers in Castilla y León. The Vice President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, and the Minister of Employment, Mariano Veganzones, have unveiled this Monday a dozen measures aimed at reducing what he has described as “superfluous” spending by social agents, which which will result, as they have stated, in a reduction of half of all subsidies received by these entities. The decision comes while the Government of Castilla y León has shot up its spending in senior positions after the entry of Vox to the Executive.

As both representatives have explained in a joint press conference, the objective is to eliminate “duplicate” aid or assistance that is already provided by the public employment service (Ecyl), whose boss resigned two weeks ago because his company taught equality courses. These items will be used for “the social and economic emergency” and for a greater staffing in the Territorial Labor Offices that perform this same function. In addition, now these courses and, therefore, the funds, will be taught by the interested companies themselves, which according to Veganzones “are many”, although without specifying figures.

For the Government of Castilla y León “this is only the beginning” of the cuts, as the vice president has assured, and that based on the “application of the PP-Vox agreement” it will be extended to more areas of the regional Executive, something that It has not been noted when it comes to appointing advisers and senior officials.

Veganzones has explained that this decision is “the end of direct subsidies” for social dialogue and prevention of social risks, with the main affected CCOO, UGT, and CEOE, who had not been informed of this decision prior to the press conference. decision. Among the ten measures, what these entities receive as nominative subsidies for institutional participation is reduced by two million euros – previously there were four. In addition, they will also touch the direct subsidies, 3.6 million, for social dialogue and prevention of occupational risks, eliminating them completely.

Another field that will be affected is aid for professional guidance and self-employment, also for already employed people who receive a ‘hachazo’ of 12 million euros. Veganzones has justified this section by understanding that the ECyL “already has counselors” who perform the same functions and that it barely has “a 5% hiring commitment.” Within this chapter, the assistance given to the social and labor integration of the immigrant population will also be affected. Now it will be the employment service of Castilla y León who will carry out all the functions exclusively.

All aid to university chairs related to trade union and employer activities that both the UVa, USAL or UBU had are also eliminated.

Despite the depth of the measures, the unions and CEOE have not been informed of these measures, which were agreed last week in the Governing Council, although they had not been ratified by official procedures, as Gallardo himself has assured. Today they have been announced while the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, goes to the Ministry of Industry to sign the agreement that will save the Siro en Toro, Venta de Baños and Aguilar de Campoo plants.

“Do not politicize” Siro

Where it has not been meant is in the role of the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, in the negotiation with Siro. The socialist has been seen leading the talks and explaining the terms of the agreements to the workers themselves. Despite the fact that it is the PSOE who has claimed victory, asked about the role of the ‘wing’ of the regional government of Vox in the negotiations with the biscuit company – criticized by the PSOE of Castilla y León -, García-Gallardo has tried to avoid a confrontation and has explained that in an issue in which “there are jobs at stake and families that live from this”, one should not “politicize”.

At the same time, he has defended “the professionalism and ”discretion” that ‘his’ counselors for Employment and Industry and Agriculture, in addition to the ‘popular’ Carlos Fernández Carriedo, head of Economy and Finance, have carried out to reach a good conclusion. “We have always put all the meat on the grill so that this agreement is possible and so that the employment of the three plants of Aguilar, Venta de Baños and Toro is maintained,” he assured.


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