Thursday, July 7

Vox announces a complaint from Olona to the mayor of Salobreña for an electoral crime

Vox has reported that its candidate for the Presidency of the Andalusian Government, Macarena Olona, ​​has presented this Monday at the Salobreña Civil Guard Command, on the Granada coast, a complaint against the mayor, María Eugenia Rufino (PSOE ), for the alleged commission of an electoral crime, administrative prevarication and violation of fundamental rights. This newspaper has requested a copy of the complaint from Vox, but Santiago Abascal’s party has refused to provide it.

As reported by Vox in a press release, the complaint has been filed for an alleged crime of administrative prevarication (former article 404 of Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code), and for alleged electoral crime ( former article 139.7 of the Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, of the General Electoral Regime), with violation of the fundamental rights of the complainant recognized in articles 19 and 23 of the Spanish Constitution.

With the complaint, the Vox candidate has indicated that she shows that “she is not going to leave unanswered the government’s cacique actions against her person and her political formation”, to focus “from now on on the problems that really interest Andalusians ”.

In the brief presented, a description is made of “how the privacy of Macarena Olona has been violated, despite living with a permanent escort because she is threatened with death for her political activity.”

It is an aspect, added Olona, ​​that “has not mattered to the City Council of Salobreña, nor to its mayor, who have acted motivated by political interests.” The complaint states that the defendant would have “tortically used the municipal public institutions and powers, seriously damaging the image, honor and candidacy of the complainant.”

In addition, it is about depriving the complainant of a fundamental right, such as the right to vote, “recognized in article 23 of the Spanish Constitution, given that deregistration in the municipal register would entail the impossibility of participating with their vote in the upcoming Andalusian regional elections scheduled for June 19, 2022”.

Also, “restrict their fundamental right to freedom of residence, as proclaimed in article 19 of the Spanish Constitution.” As a conclusion to the detailed explanatory statement, he added, “the denounced mayor cannot excuse herself for ignoring the regulations applicable to the regulation of registration, and data protection, which supposes a flagrant infraction of security regulations that seriously endangers the personal safety of the candidate.

“All this, endorsed by the arguments put forward in the resolution issued this Monday by the Provincial Electoral Board, which indicates the absolute legality of the candidate’s actions,” he alleged.

“Any obstacle to the recognition of another situation than that of the legality of registration supposes a violation of fundamental rights by its promoters, in addition to criminal acts,” he concluded.

It should be remembered that the Provincial Electoral Board of Granada has not found “any legal obstacle” for the proclamation of Macarena Olona’s candidacy for the Presidency of the Andalusian Government by Vox in the upcoming Andalusian elections on June 19 and has rejected the request of its annulment carried out by the Andaluces Levantaos coalition for “not meeting the neighborhood requirement” in Andalusia and for its alleged “fictitious registration” in the Granada municipality of Salobreña.

In this context, Rufino, last Friday, had issued an “initiation resolution of ex officio discharge” of Olona, ​​while the inquiries carried out by the Local Police after “several visits” to the address where she is registered in this locality , reported the Salobreña City Council in a statement, “they prevent proving that he resides in the house.”