Thursday, December 7

Vox backs down in its cut to employers and unions in Castilla y León, hiding behind an attack on the entire press

“The Junta de Castilla y León announces a reduction in subsidies to employer unions and other social agents of more than 20 million euros”. With this headline, Vox in the regional Executive went on to explain how it was going to cut the “superfluous spending” of the administration, in the words of the vice president, Juan García-Gallardo. Barely a dozen days later, the far-right formation has to qualify its own announcements. They are no longer 20.3 million (50%, according to their accounts, of the total expenses in “direct, nominative subsidies, employment plans or chairs”). Now the cut will be, at most, of that amount without even knowing how much it will amount to. So Vox backs down and there will no longer necessarily be a cut of 20.3 million in subsidies “because that has not yet been agreed within the Governing Council.”

The announcement was made without being approved or agreed with the PP and in the middle of the Andalusian election campaign. The regional president himself, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has lowered the pressure due to the words of his vice president. On June 29, a meeting of the Social Dialogue Council is called, with representatives of the Governments, the unions and the employers’ association, the first of this legislature and to which García-Gallardo himself will also attend.

The discrepancies of PP and Vox in the cut to unions and employers were in evidence this Wednesday in the Cortes of Castilla y León when the Popular Party gave a ‘yes’ to the Proposal No Law (PNL) presented by the PSOE that collected a recognition of the trajectory of Social Dialogue, its current legal framework and the “success” in its institutional practice, “avoiding attacks derived from extreme ideological positions that threaten the stability of Social Dialogue”.

Vox does not acknowledge having changed its mind and shifts the blame for what was interpreted to the media, who, they title with a “broad brush” and, according to García-Gallardo, have not come to understand their program. “If someone did not want to read the press release with integrity or did not want to listen to everything we said, that is no longer my fault,” said the vice president. the press release, with the holder of the 20 million euros cut is still posted on the Communication portal of the regional government.

García-Gallardo has suggested that “journalism professionals make a serious analysis” of what was announced at the time. He has also defended: “I do not back down, I do not lie, I fully subscribe to these ten measures.” After reading the headline that the Board released, he has settled the matter saying: “I don’t want to argue.” But there are certain aspects that the vice president escapes or has wanted to escape. The first is that the information shared institutionally subscribes to what is published in the press. In addition, from his own personal Twitter account, he shared the information:

Also from Vox’s own account on the same social network they celebrated the announcement:

In the message from the Vox account, you can see that direct mention of Andalusia, for which García-Gallardo himself has been branded as an electoral campaigner. Asked about it and if now he will have a moderate position, he has clarified that “I always like to show myself as I am”.