Tuesday, March 21

Vox, Ciudadanos and PPC register another request for the Parliament to investigate the “purge” in the Mossos

Vox, Ciudadanos and PPC have registered this Friday in Parliament a joint petition to create an investigation commission on the “purge” in the Mossos d’Esquadra. The three parties want, once again, to “clarify” the changes in the leadership of the body, since they consider that the dismissal of some of the positions has “a clear political intention.” Likewise, they believe that the objective of all this is to “create a police force tailored to the Government”, especially in cases related to corruption investigations of members of the Executive.

The Board will have to assess whether to accept the request. Parliament’s regulations establish that the investigation commission must be created automatically if it is requested by three parliamentary groups. Now, the PPC is a mixed group, and this same proposal was already denied in the last plenary session in March.

The Catalan Chamber rejected the two proposals for the creation of investigation commissions on the changes in the leadership of the Mossos. The PSC-Units had registered one and Vox, Cs and PPC, another. The one of the socialists was rejected with the votes of the independence groups, ERC, JxCat, CUP and the abstention of En ComĂș Podem. The other only received the favorable votes of the proponents.

From the department led by Joan Ignasi Elena, an experienced politician with three years of militancy in the PSC and who is independent and close to the ERC, the change was framed in a new stage of the Mossos whose horizon is the year 2030.