Monday, August 15

VOX exists because they murdered Lorca

If García Lorca had survived August 18, 1936, Macarena Olona would not be a Vox deputy in Congress. It owes its seat to the spilled blood of the poet. Macarena Olona is not ignorant, a bit yes, but above all she is a low-level provocateur and that is why we must not waste time in explaining history to revisionists. No time is wasted with the Holocaust deniers, neither explaining what the ideology or political culture of Federico García Lorca was, but it is necessary to make it clear that the only cultural references that the right wing has in this country have their hands stained with blood. The only historical legacy from which Olona drinks is formed by death and crime.

History is a succession of causes and consequences that operate in an interrelated way and that end up forming a reality built on previous events. That is why it is easy to conclude based on our legacy what was the factual specification that explains the existence of a post-fascist party like that of Santiago Abascal. Vox exists because they assassinated Lorca, because they assassinated hundreds of thousands of Spaniards who were republicans, socialists, communists, anarchists, gays or democrats and they won a war caused by the resistance of democracy to a coup d’état. That is Vox, heir to those who shed the blood of the best of Spain.

The only thing that the reaction contributes to Spanish politics are provocations, insults and mockery. An eternal culture war that hides the absolute inanity of its policies. Identity as the only way out of an ineptitude that they show with a proud verbiage of their ignorance. About Lorca or for some espadrilles, about our memory and despising diversity. Words are the base with which coexistence is built or with which it is destroyed. Using the name ‘feminist’ for a bull that is going to be tortured and killed is a political statement, perhaps born from the deepest conviction that so many years of impunity allow them to treat in a derogatory way anyone who does not share their vision of the world.

Poets, espadrilles and bulls. A week of contempt that can be sewn with the black thread that represents his dominance of forty years. Lorca was buried with two anarchist banderilleros and a teacher, in the same ditches of wet and putrid earth where they are found every time he scratches the remains of day laborers, other of his favorite victims. Because verses and espadrilles are full of the collective culture of the left, that of the vanquished, yes, that of those who only had art and espadrilles to defend themselves against fascism to the point of representing it in the famous propaganda poster by Pere Català Pic. That is why the right wing needs to plunder the memory of those who murdered, because it has nothing to be proud of on its side, because they ended culture, with the only thing worthwhile in Spain at that time. The only thing worth being rescued from those years of misery and lead ended up in a gutter, in jail or exile because they could not tame it.

Lorca would not vote for Vox. But verbalizing it with impudence shows the ghoulish plan they had for Spain and want to continue, that of humiliation and indoctrination, that of lowering their heads before the passage of the fascist. No, Olona, ​​Lorca would never have voted for Vox, that’s why they had to kill him, because there was no other way to bend him.