Wednesday, July 6

Vox fails in its attempt to suspend the entry into force of the euthanasia law in the Constitution

The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has unanimously rejected this Wednesday Vox’s request to suspend the euthanasia law in a precautionary manner until its appeal is resolved, which has been admitted for processing and for which Magistrate Encarnación has been appointed rapporteur Roca, according to court sources informed The formation of extreme thus fails in its attempt to suspend the entry into force of the rule that allows helping to die with dignity in the face of irreversible suffering and that is scheduled for this Friday, June 25.

Definitive green light: the euthanasia law is already a reality in Spain after passing its last process in Congress

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After more than 20 years of failed attempts and intense social and political debate, the euthanasia law was finally approved on March 18, but the autonomous communities were given a period of three months to create their respective guarantee and evaluation commissions. Bodies made up of medical, nursing and legal personnel who will be in charge of analyzing all requests for euthanasia and authorizing or denying each case.

PP, Vox and UPN voted against the rule – which was definitively advanced in Congress with 202 votes in favor, 141 against and two abstentions – and which leads Spain to be one of the first countries in the world to introduce This right. The law regulates the right to euthanasia for those who suffer “a serious and incurable disease” or a “serious, chronic and incapacitating condition” that affects autonomy and generates “constant and intolerable physical or psychological suffering”.

The far-right formation, which accused the rest of the formations during the debate of “consummating their plan to implant the culture of death”, has already announced in the Chamber that it would challenge this law before the Constitutional Court and that it would ask for the precautionary paralysis that has been rejected this Wednesday.

Finally, Vox filed that appeal last week, in which it asks the guarantee court to declare the “radical unconstitutionality” of the law for violating the right to life. In addition, it requested the precautionary suspension until the resolution of the appeal due to the “serious effects” of its application on the “absolute” value of the right to life. The party leader, Santiago Abascal, attended the presentation of that appeal, who assured that the euthanasia law is “a defeat for the culture of civilization and a victory for the culture of death.”

This has been the second matter at the initiative of Vox that has occupied the court, occupied this week in the appeal of the extreme right formation that intends to declare the first state of alarm unconstitutional. On this last issue, the court continues to deliberate and will continue to do so tomorrow, Thursday.