Saturday, September 18

Vox has nothing to do

Vox wants to repeal homosexual marriage, prevent homosexuality from being talked about in schools, eliminate the laws protecting the LGBT community, penalize gay couples in adoptions and end what they call the gay lobby. Vox wants Pride parties to be held on the outskirts of cities because they are “a degrading caricature,” in the words of Rocío Monasterio. In the words of the party’s national press officer, the gay issue “is not love, it is vice.” But this has nothing to do with assaults on homosexuals.

Abascal says that marriage is just the union between “man and woman” and former Vox candidate Fernando Paz wrote that the West is plunging into the abyss because it legalizes equal marriage. The ultra deputy, Gádor Joya, would prefer that her son not adopt if he were gay. Espinosa de los Monteros finds discrimination wrong “because the Constitution says so” (not out of his own conviction) but he believes that “in Spain we have gone from one extreme to another, from beating homosexuals to imposing their law.” This also has nothing to do with the increase in homophobic attacks in Spain.

Ortega Smith and Espinosa de los Monteros condemn that violence, but blame immigration. His party accuses immigrants of raping women, occupations and stealing your grandmother’s pension. Abascal reads a list of surnames of foreign origin to tell you that all social benefits are taken. Its formation calls unaccompanied foreign minors MENAS to give them the name of a criminal group and blames them for the insecurity in the streets. But none of that has to do with xenophobic beatings, hunts and murders.

The far right denies sexist violence, wants to end the law and the courts that protect women, calls feminism “gender ideology” and demands that the list of what it calls “feminist beach bars” be published, exaggerates the number of complaints false and does not participate in the tributes to women murdered by men. But denying sexist violence has nothing to do with sexist violence.

Yes, the young man who reported the attack on 8 hooded men has admitted that he lied, after the police found no evidence. They will take the opportunity to discredit the entire group, but who they discredit is Vox. The complaint of the young man was as false as the complaint of the extreme right blaming the immigrants. And a lie does not hide the truth: in Spain homophobic aggressions have soared by 43%, Catalonia alerts that there are homophobic herds, there have been group beatings of homosexuals this summer and Samuel was beaten to death shouting “fag” . In Spain there are homosexuals who are afraid to kiss in public, women who fear going alone on the street, migrants who live in fear because of their skin color. In Spain there are people who are afraid because of who they are.

But, of course, the homophobic, sexist and xenophobic violence they suffer has no relation to the homophobic, sexist and racist discourses of the extreme right. Not with the PP that exonerates them and governs with them. How can we think that there is any connection between the words of some and the actions of others. Racism is not about segregation, anti-Semitism is not behind the persecution of Jews, sexism does not oppress women, fascism does not breed violence, neo-Nazis have no ideology, and intolerance does not kill.

By the way, Vox has threatened to report anyone who links them to hateful attacks. That also has nothing to do with how I wrote this article.

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