Friday, December 3

Vox intimidates workers who teach courses on gender violence in institutes in Alcobendas

The municipal workers who teach courses in Alcobendas against sexist violence in secondary education institutes of the city have found this Wednesday with an unpleasant surprise: the councilors of the Vox have registered in the City Council a motion to debate in the plenary session tomorrow, Thursday – fair the International Day Against Gender Violence – in which they demand that these people be identified and the talks stop. The municipal coalition government, made up of PSOE and Ciudadanos, has condemned the initiative of the far-right party and has charged against Vox for considering that it is intimidating and attacking the entire staff that carries out this activity in these centers. In a statement, both parties underline “their commitment to the fight against gender violence” and reject “the ‘denial’ of the extreme right that demands an end to these workshops in Alcobendas.”

In the motion, the far-right group demands that the government team “report where the authorization and organization of these talks or courses come from, whether from the Community of Madrid or from local parents’ associations.” Also that they be communicated “with accuracy and rigor of the content of said talks and of the issues that are transferred to minors.” They also want to know “by express request of the parents”, “who are and what qualifications have” the people who teach these courses and “the scope and frequency with which they have been or will be taught.”

In addition, Vox wants to know “why these courses are held during tutoring hours, that is, lectures.” After asking that these activities that are being carried out “without prior authorization from the parents of the minors” end and no longer be taught, the far-right municipal group asks the government team to “respect article 27.3 of the Constitution, “which states that the public powers” guarantee the right of parents so that their children receive religious and moral training that is in accordance with their own convictions. ”

Finally, in the Vox motion it demands that workers be “identified” who in the course of the activities “have insulted minors for thinking differently” so that they do not teach classes again “given the null respect they show for individual freedom and to education in general “.

Support for workers by the PSOE and Ciudadanos government

As clarified by the municipal government, the courses referred to in the text of the Vox motion are offered by the Alcobendas City Council from the Guide of municipal activities and programs for schools and institutes during school hours on the theme of Equal opportunities and employment, and are framed within the Social Pact for the end of Violence against Women, which was unanimously approved in the Municipal Plenary in November 2017. “It is the institutes themselves that request these courses to be carried out within their complementary activities, including them in their Annual General Programming or in their tutorial action plan approved in the School Council “, they explain from the Consistory.

“The talks against gender violence are given in the Secondary Education centers of Alcobendas, as well as other courses and awareness-raising talks for citizens and municipal staff,” they add, and “are part of the City Council’s effort to fight against violence. of gender, a type of specific violence against women that has claimed the lives of 37 women in 2021 and 1,118 since 2003, the year in which it began to be counted, according to data from the Government Delegation against Gender Violence “.

The municipal government of Alcobendas has shown all its support to the people who teach these courses, considering that they are “very necessary and very positive for the education of youth”, while underlining “its commitment to the fight against gender violence” .

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