Thursday, May 19

Vox invades Mañueco’s investiture speech: domestic violence, immigration and against Memory

Vox has invaded the investiture speech of the candidate for the Presidency of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who has assumed the concept of domestic violence, the idea of ​​”orderly immigration” and has refused to speak of Historical Memory to defend a new Law of Concordia, which “avoids the use of history to divide”.

Mañueco faces his investiture tied to the extreme right after calling elections to get rid of Ciudadanos

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During Mañueco’s first intervention in the debate that will serve to revalidate his position, this time with the support of Vox, the current regional president has claimed that his agreement with the extreme right “improves the quality of democracy.” He has done it despite the lack of transparency in the negotiations between the two parties for a leader who assured that he was not going to agree with the far-right formation and that he has ended up tying his legislature and his career to the party of Abascal. The leader of Vox has gone to the Cortes of Castilla y León to witness the debate that will lead his formation to form part of an autonomous government for the first time, something that the new president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has avoided doing.

Faced with the current autonomous decree of Historical Memory that was based on the reparation of the reprisals of the Franco regime, Mañueco has defended that the new Concord Law imposed by Vox – whose processing will begin before June 30 – will integrate history “as an element of reconciliation and avoiding the use of history to divide the Spaniards”, thus fully assuming the approach of the extreme right on the matter, before the formation of the first coalition government of the popular with Abascal’s party.

Where friction between the two parties can occur is in the field of sexist violence, since the extreme right denies the existence of gender violence. The Popular Party has had no choice but to give in and commit to processing a Law on Domestic Violence with which Vox intends to dilute the Law on Gender Violence. But, in addition, Abascal’s party has demanded that he repeal the Autonomous Law on Gender Violence, while Mañueco had already advanced that both are going to “coexist”.

“And I say it loud and clear: we are going to maintain the Law to Fight Gender Violence. We are not going to take a step back on recognized rights. Far from it ”, he asserted in his speech this Monday. The candidate has wanted to camouflage the assignment he makes to Vox by processing the Domestic Violence Law, assuring that he will do so by “raising the current Family Violence Prevention Plan to the rank of law, preparing and approving a new Law to Fight Against Domestic Violence, to generate new rights and protect the victims”. The regional president has recognized “all the victims”, a concept commonly used by Vox, and has announced that the processing of this rule will begin before July 31 of this year.

According to Mañueco “there are situations that have to be addressed by generating new benefits for the victims, such as violence by children against their parents or against people with disabilities in the family environment” and he has justified his decision: “I don’t think anyone can be in against this”, he argued.

He also stressed that the two standards are “necessary, compatible and complementary”. “Improving detection and prevention, expanding and reinforcing protection for victims and guaranteeing the best immediate and comprehensive care is an inalienable commitment.” Thus, the candidate has equated sexist violence with other types of violence in the domestic sphere.

Despite the fact that the Junta de Castilla y León does not have powers in migration policy, the term “orderly immigration” has also crept into Mañueco’s speech, another of the central elements of the Vox program, which has linked to the strategies of depopulation. “We will consider the problem of depopulation and demographic policies a priority national issue, which must be addressed in coordination with all public administrations. Policies that must promote, and we will support it, an orderly immigration that, from cultural, economic and social integration, and against illegal mafias, contributes to the future of Spain and Castilla y León”, he announced.

He has defined Castilla y León as a “welcome land for those who left and want to return and for those who come looking for a new opportunity”, for which he understands that it is “enriching and necessary” to incorporate “foreign people”, but under certain conditions: “Always in a legal, orderly manner, with a clear vocation to join the labor market and that seek full integration through respect for the European laws, values ​​and freedoms of the society that integrates them. To the people who need it, we are going to continue serving them through the social services system that we have, ”he specified.

Starting at 4:00 p.m., the session will resume with the interventions of the parliamentary groups, to which Mañueco will be able to respond.