Thursday, July 7

Vox marks Ayuso’s inauguration with racism and homophobia while the left warns of a “shameful agreement”

A racist, homophobic and sexist speech. With these wickers, Vox has arrived this Friday at the Madrid Assembly to mark the passage of what will be the new government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso until 2023. The extreme right will today give its votes in favor of Ayuso revalidating her mandate as president. And the spokesperson of the formation, Rocío Monasterio, has made it clear that this support will not be free during the rest of the term with the most extreme speech that is remembered in the Madrid Assembly. “To find solutions we are open to collaborate with you as long as you respect our voters and the political program that has brought us here,” Monasterio warned.

For half an hour, the leader of the extreme right has demanded that Ayuso repeal all the regional “gender” laws that include those on the fight against sexist violence and LGTBI, has called for the closure of Telemadrid and has launched xenophobic proclamations with unaccompanied foreign minors in the center of the target. But the most tense moment of the debate took place when Monasterio addressed the Senegalese deputy of the United We, Serigne Mbayé. The ultraconservative has singled out him with racist proclamations to accuse him of arriving in Spain “illegally”.

“At Vox we do not look the other way in the face of crime and the lack of integration by young foreigners. Podemos wants to make Mbayé’s photo a symbol, it is a symbol of his abandonment of the working class,” Monasterio has launched in reference that the deputy – with Spanish nationality – has led the Manteros union. “Our problem with Mr. Mbayé is not that he is white or black, short or tall, but that he is a person who skipped the entrance queue.” And he has concluded: “And in addition to entering illegally, for years he profited from the illegal sale at the doors of shops and those SMEs to which you raise taxes and the electricity bill,” he has settled.

Monasterio’s attacks have echoed through the Vallecas Chamber. Mbayé has asked to speak for allusions and has asked the far-right leader to withdraw her racist words. “I am Spanish and I formally ask you to withdraw the racist words that you have declared towards me and towards all migrants,” claimed the deputy from United We Can. “Racism does not fit in this chamber or in Spain,” Mbayé concluded. The entire bench on the left has stood up to applaud him. And even the president of the Chamber, María Eugenia Carballedo, has come out in his defense:

“Do you withdraw the words? I can withdraw the words, but I would invite you to do so,” Carballedo told Monasterio. A warning that the Vox leader or the PP bench did not like, which has remained speechless in the face of applause from the left to the president of the Assembly before her defense of Mbayé.

After a few minutes of tension that have confronted the president of the Madrid Assembly with the Vox spokesperson for the racist attacks on a deputy of United We Can, the PSOE has taken the floor in the investiture session. The socialist spokesperson, Hana Jalloul, has sent a hug to Serigne Mbayé after the unanimous applause from the left to the deputy and has warned the PP that Isabel Díaz Ayuso will be president with “the agreement from which all the rights of Europe flee ashamed.” “She will have the necessary votes to be invested thanks to the extreme right that has been shown today,” Jalloul has settled.

Mónica García also wanted to start her speech with the rejection of the extreme right: “Our strongest support for Mbayé. No hate speech is going to make us move one iota of our convictions”, began her speech. “His government is supported by the extreme bad people to whom we do not know what he has left him to owe but we do know that the price is paid by us Madrilenians with our rights,” Garcia has launched.

Already in her turn, the acting regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, –who has decided to respond to all groups at the same time and not separately in a clear gesture of contempt for the opposition– has chosen side after these racist attacks. “Those who are really radical are the parties of the left,” Ayuso began in that closed defense to those who will be his government partner. party that way, “he continued. The candidate for the investiture has thus reached out to Vox: “We differ on many issues, but it will not be an obstacle to achieve common proposals.”