Wednesday, July 6

Vox militants “tear up and steal” a Stop Gender Violence sign in Almería

The City Council of Cantoria has filed a complaint against VOX for acts of vandalism carried out by a group of militants from the party led by Santiago Abascal from Murcia. According to the Consistory, during the day of last Wednesday they campaigned with a propaganda position during the market. Once the activity was over, at the exit of the town they noticed the sign that distinguishes Cantoria as a municipality against gender violence. “They stopped their vehicle and several of the occupants ripped off the sign that they later stole,” the mayor of Cantoria, Purificación Sánchez (PSOE), tells Andalucía.

The courts of Andalusia received 8% more complaints of gender-based violence in 2021 compared to 2020

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The complaint, filed by the City Council, indicates that they were Vox militants from Murcia to campaign in the upcoming Andalusian elections. “We know it was them because we wanted to make sure before filing a complaint,” says the mayor. The events were witnessed by witnesses who called the Local Police, in addition to being recorded “all the sabotage” by security cameras. “The witnesses are councilors from the City Council who saw them standing there and who found it very strange. They waited a while and they already ripped off the signal and took it away, ”the mayor tells this medium.

“Vox asked for written permission to campaign one day and we opened the doors of the town to them so that they had freedom to express themselves, but then they secretly ripped up the signal. What disrespect is that? And more after the town had the pain of having buried a murdered girl, presumably, at the hands of her husband. And now it has been 12 years since we buried another woman murdered by her partner. I consider that what these gentlemen have done is an attack on the rights of democracy, whether they are campaigning or not, ”says the mayor indignantly.

Absolute majority of the plenary

And it is that the decision to put the sign of Cantoria against Gender Violence at the entrance of the municipality “was approved by an absolute majority in the plenary session of the City Council” and was placed at the entrance of the municipality. The images of the event are already in the hands of the Civil Guard of Almería. “We already have the driver’s name and we know who everyone else is,” he says. The councilor, who points out that she cannot transfer the images because they are already part of the investigation, describes what appears in them: “The road is divided in two and the car waits on the other side while two of its occupants get out, loosen it a little while the others go around the roundabout and when they position themselves next to him, they give a little tug and get into the vehicle with the signal. From the moment they entered the municipality and saw the sign, they had already planned to start it.” The complaint filed consists of the report of the Local Police, the statement of eyewitnesses and the video in which the members of Vox can be seen.

“If these are the people with whom Juanma Moreno’s PP is going to govern, we already know what awaits us women in Andalusia if we are not able to stop them in their tracks. Nothing better than this fact describes the violence and injustice preached by the extreme right at a time when every time you see a news program you have new information about a new victim of sexist violence. And it is even more outrageous that these unpresentables come here, with these airs, just hours after we have buried a woman from the region who worked here, in Cantoria, after being allegedly murdered by her husband, “adds the mayor.

Hours after the events, the official Facebook account of Vox Almería congratulated its militants for the distribution of propaganda, publishing a photo of the group with the text “In Cantoria also present. We have had the help of the Vox Murcia team. Thanks partners! #CambioReal #OlonaPresidenta”.

The signal started corresponds to a national campaign promoted by the communication group Atresmedia and the Mutua Madrileña foundation, to which dozens of municipalities throughout Spain have joined. It is a social action initiative that represents a direct call for mobilization in the fight against gender-based violence “and has been responded by Vox with violence, with total disregard for a population to which they come to campaign and against a decision that is made in a town hall by the absolute majority of your corporation. It is not about the value of the signal, nor about the type of crime in itself that they may have committed, as it can be described, but about the hatred that this action gives off, about the clear desire to use our democratic model to reach the institutions that simply want to annul”, concludes the mayor of Cantoria.