Thursday, July 7

Vox, PP and C’s paralyze the new Catalan law with a request to the Council of Guarantees

Vox, C’s and PP have announced that they will take the new Catalan law at school to the Council of Statutory Guarantees (CGE). The law had to be voted on this Friday in plenary, but with the movement of these groups, all procedures are paralyzed while waiting for the CGE to issue its opinion. The body has seven business days to rule on the text.

The response to the sentence of 25% of Spanish breaks the consensus for immersion in two

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The president of the Vox parliamentary group, Ignacio Garriga, announced the decision at a press conference and explained that, in his opinion, the law proposed by the PSC, ERC, Junts and Comuns is “an assault on legality and a violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens”. For their part, Cs and PPC sources have confirmed to the ACN agency that they plan to take it to the CGE.

In order for the CGE to study and issue its opinion on a regulation, at least two parliamentary groups are needed, so that with Vox and Cs it would already be enough to paralyze the approval of the law while waiting for the opinion. The PP, for its part, is not counted when it comes to taking initiatives to the CGE since it does not have a sufficient number of deputies to form a parliamentary group.

At a press conference, Garriga acknowledged that on previous occasions his group had refused to resort to the CGE because they consider that “it has to be closed” because it performs “duplicate functions of the central administration.” In any case, he has stressed that it is “an urgent moment” and that this is “the only way out to paralyze” the procedures.

On the other hand, he has taken the opportunity to charge against the PSC and especially against its leader, Salvador Illa, whom he has accused of “openly betraying the values ​​of all his voters.” “He has surrendered ‘de facto’ to separatism and has renounced the title of leader of the opposition”, he has denounced.

The leader of C’s, Carlos Carrizosa, made a tweet this afternoon where he warned “separatism” and the PSC that “they will not get away with it.” Carrizosa has assured that next Tuesday the 31st they will not have “not even” his law as an “excuse” to prevent the application of 25% in Spanish in the classrooms. “We stop the nationalist outrage and we will stop those that come”, he concluded.

Paralysis of the approval of the law

Just this Wednesday PSC, ERC, Junts and Comuns have voted in plenary in favor of processing the new law by single reading. This made it possible that, within 48 hours -that is, this very Friday-, the definitive approval of the new norm could be voted on.

The agreement between these groups had managed to close a legal text that shielded linguistic immersion in schools after the order of the TSJC to do 25% of the subjects in Spanish. Specifically, the law establishes that Catalan is the vehicular and learning language of the education system and that of normal use in the reception of newly arrived students, while Spanish will be the curricular language and will be used in the terms established by the linguistic projects .

With the decision of Vox, Cs and PP to take the law to the CGE, the processing of the norm is paralyzed, since it is now waiting for the body to rule on whether the text is in accordance with the Constitution and the Statute of autonomy.