Monday, July 4

Vox “recommends” a deputy from Más Madrid to “take care” in Pride and he replies: “From you”

The Vox deputy in the Madrid Assembly, Alicia Rubio, warned Eduardo Fernández Rubiño this Thursday to “be careful in Pride”. Five days after the International LGTBI Pride Day and less than two weeks before the activities and demonstration begin in the capital, the far-right deputy has taken advantage of her seat in the regional parliament to launch a speech that Rubiño has defined as “very serious” for perpetuating the stigma around sexual health.

During one of his speeches, Rubio addressed the deputy from Más Madrid directly: “I recommend, because really to Mr. Rubiño, although he hates me, I don’t hate him, please take care of yourself in Pride. Take care of yourselves, take care of yourselves during all the Pride parties.” Given the commotion in the bench of the group that leads the opposition in the Community, which demanded that she explain the reason for her recommendation, she insisted: “Because yes, so that you take care of yourselves. I think it’s not bad, right?

In his turn, Rubiño described the speech of the far-right deputy as “very serious.” “I think it is very serious that stigma based on sexual health is being overridden, because it is what you were referring to and you know it perfectly. Do you know what we LGBTI people have to protect ourselves from? From people like you, Mrs. Rubio and gentlemen from Vox, who only stir up hatred and shame, ”replied the deputy.

It is not the first time that the far-right group has focused on the LGTBI Pride in Madrid. In the plenary session on June 2, deputy Gádor Pilar Joya Verde stated that it is “an event of risk for the people who are going to participate” and that it was “a breeding ground” for monkeypox.

In addition to the warning to Rubiño, Rubio interspersed in his speech this Thursday messages such as that LGTBI people do not suffer discrimination in Spain and that they only seek “privileges”. “Gentlemen of the PP, disillusion yourselves, stop playing payoffs because everything is little for this group,” he questioned his parliamentary partners, just before assuring that Rubiño’s claims seemed “the list of the wise men of LGTBI privileges.”

“There is talk of rights versus privileges. What we claim is the right to have a school that includes us, like any other citizen; the right to have our identity, name and gender recognized on our DNI, like any other citizen; the right to participate in an adoption process, like any other citizen; the right that, based on our sexual orientation, they cannot take you to torture where they try to correct you, like the ones you defend,” Rubiño listed.

“Unfortunately, in this country there is historical discrimination against LGTBI people, which you want to deny and before which the laws have the obligation to try to deconstruct it and move forward,” he assured.

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