Saturday, April 1

Vox saves Dancausa from disapproval for his management in the case of prostituted minors who were protected by the Community of Madrid

Vox’s abstention has prevented this Thursday that the Minister of Family, Youth and Social Policy, Concepción Dancausa, was disapproved for her lack of explanations and action in the case of the minors in care who were prostituted by a network of pimps. The rejection, presented by Más Madrid, has been joined by PSOE and United We Can, after appearing in plenary a week ago in which he dedicated himself to attacking the opposition and holding the police responsible. “Here there is no case,” he assured.

During the parliamentary debate this Thursday in the Vallecas Chamber, the deputy for Más Madrid Emilio Delgado criticized the fact that the Community Government did not take “any protection measure for minors” or that they ensure that their protection is limited to the time that They pass in the centers. “Parents have responsibility for their children when they leave home,” he said. Delgado has censured that the regional government lied on three occasions: “saying that they were not protected”, that they had “no knowledge” when there were “reports” that proved it and that they are only responsible for them “up to the door of the centers”.

The More Madrid deputy, promoter of the disapproval, has also charged against Vox, which has saved Dancausa with its abstention. “They are strong with the weak – in reference to the constant attacks by the far-right formation against unaccompanied foreign minors – and weak with the strong,” lamented the parliamentarian in a harsh allegation against the PP and the counselor.

Also the deputy of United We Can Paloma García Villa, who advocated not making politics of the case, has recognized that the group changed its opinion after listening to the counselor a week ago. For García Villa, Dancausa has not shown “empathy” and yes “insensitivity without assuming any type of blame”. “The PP is one of the worst rights in Europe,” she lamented.

“They have done absolutely nothing. If they are hiding information, if they are not responsible for anything, if they do not want to work on a childhood law and if they do not let us enter juvenile centers and if there is no study commission, it means that you do not they are trained for the position they occupy”, the deputy of United We Can has settled.

The Socialists have also disfigured the lack of responsibilities on the part of the regional government and the counselor. For the PSOE deputy José Celada, Dancausa occupied “the most rancid space in Madrid politics” in his appearance last Thursday in which he only said “atrocities”. “We have no choice (than to support the reprobation).” For Celada, Dancausa has not obtained the support of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

For Vox, who saved Dancausa this Thursday, the counselor deserves “a vote of confidence.” Finally, the PP has defended the counselor’s career and has insinuated that the opposition would not even reach “1%” of what Dancausa has done to “help the most vulnerable people.” The popular deputy Marimar Blanco has concluded by assuring that tonight “they will sleep very peacefully.”