Tuesday, October 19

Vox says that there is an agreement with the PP to lower Telemadrid’s budget by 10% in exchange for its support to the sole administrator

The Vox spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, has advanced this Thursday that there is an almost closed agreement with the PP to shield its support for the sole administrator of Telemadrid, José Antonio Sánchez, which would include a 10% reduction in the budget of the public television, compared to the previous year.

“We have many hours left to negotiate, but these days we have been negotiating the budget reduction, mechanisms that guarantee the transparency of external producers and the guarantee of freedom and neutrality of those who work in Telemadrid,” Monasterio said in statements to the journalists before the Plenary of the Assembly began.

“The PP has been giving in and it seems that we are going to be able to reach an agreement,” said Monasterio. The far-right leader has pointed to a 10% reduction in the public channel’s budget compared to last year and to include all contributions from contingency funds.

The appointment of Sánchez and the new Telemadrid law, however, reaches the Constitutional Court. The PSOE has filed an appeal for protection before the Court against the regulations, considering that its rights in relation to the processing by single reading have been violated.

Upon her arrival at the Plenary of the Madrid Assembly, the PSOE spokesperson in the regional Chamber, Hana Jalloul, pointed out that her parliamentary group was not allowed to present amendments, which is why she understands that “the exercise of the parliamentary function “.

On July 8, the reform of the Madrid Radio Television Law (RTVM) presented by the PP went ahead thanks to its vote and the abstention of Vox. Change the model for the election of its Directorate and board of directors and allow the replacement of the then leadership.


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