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Vox sneaks into the Constituent Assembly of Chile

The Chilean right has a difficult time pushing its proposals in the Constitutional Convention, the body that since July has written the new constitution in the South American country. In the constituent elections, the conservative coalition Vamos por Chile won 37 seats out of the 155 available. It was the most voted force. However, they were far from the third that would have allowed them to veto proposals that are not of interest to them. The figures are not enough if they do not reach agreements with other sectors, a path that, for now, has not been the usual one. In fact, the more conservative members of the coalition are opting for a more critical and confrontational role with the center-left and the left.

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To improve their strategy, this group of the most conservative in the coalition decided to seek advice from Vox, which, according to them, went through a similar process, but was able to get good results. Two weeks ago, five constituents held a virtual meeting with the president of Vox Madrid, Rocío Monasterio.

“Vox is a movement that grew up in a hostile environment, similar to the one we face within the Constituent Convention and its experience can be very valuable to us,” says Teresa Marinovic, independent, member of Vamos por Chile and coordinator of the meeting. His partner Rocío Cantuarias, also independent, considers that the experience of the Spanish extreme right is “applicable in the Chilean constitutional process” and that it will allow them to “get out of the current experience.” Both are close to the Republican Party, led by José Antonio Kast, the most extreme right-wing force that vindicates Pinochet and his legacy.

As it transpired In the press In Chile, much of the meeting, which lasted about an hour, emphasized the importance of territorial work and key concepts such as “freedom of education” and “economic freedom.”

According to the regulations of the Constitutional Convention approved this month, the constituents will have a wide deployment throughout the country with assemblies in the territories. “It gave us a light of hope that acting without complexes and facing the public is successful,” says Cantuarias.

“Much interest”

As explained by the policies of the Chilean right, this will not be the last meeting they will hold with Vox. “We agreed to meet again soon and address the issues, but now in a more focused and concrete way,” says Marinovic. According to her, the Chilean constituent process arouses “a lot of interest” in Santiago Abascal’s party and, in particular, what happens in the Convention.

Since the emergence of Vox in Spanish politics, the Chilean extreme right has its eyes set on its advances.

Kast has maintained contact with Abascal on several occasions, both in Spain and in Chile. They also follow each other and send messages through social networks. The last public message between the two was on the occasion of the party that Vox held a few days ago: “A big greeting to all the friends of Vox and to the great Santiago Abascal who today celebrate # Viva21VOX to put Spain back on its feet in defense of freedom”, tweeted the leader of the Chilean extreme right.

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