Thursday, September 21

Vox stops number two of the Castilla y León Employment Service after firing the director two months ago

The Official Gazette of Castilla y León collects this Wednesday the dismissal of the Functional Technical Secretary of the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León (Ecyl), Luis Méndez Fernández. As this newspaper has learned, Ecyl’s number two met with his dismissal two weeks ago after showing his disagreement with the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Mariano Veganzones, of Vox. The next day he was notified of his dismissal, although it becomes effective this Wednesday with its official publication.

Castilla y León falls below 120,000 unemployed for the first time since 2008

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After this resignation “at his own request”, as the Bocyl has collected, the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León loses its second senior official after the forced resignation of the employment service manager at the beginning of June, Javier Moreno Espeja -also appointed by Vox-, just 11 days after being appointed.

The resignation of Moreno Espeja at the head of Ecyl occurred after it was revealed in the plenary session of the Valladolid City Council in June that he was a partner in a company that has carried out equality courses in this municipality and that his training asked to be eliminated in said session. In this case, Moreno Espeja explained in a statement, he submitted his resignation to “avoid any damage to the image of the party.” After the fall of manager Vox, he tried to disassociate himself from his appointment, alleging that the selection for the position, with the rank of general manager, was made by a company. So far, no new manager has been appointed for Ecyl, with a deputy director assuming the duties of the position.

The Ministry of Employment directed by Mariano Veganzones is one of the three that Vox leads in the coalition government with the PP of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and the most controversial for its measures to date. In addition to suffering the first dismissals of senior officials, it has promoted the confrontation with the employers’ association and the unions, announcing a cut in subsidies and aid and receiving harsh criticism from CEOE, UGT and CCOO for bursting the Social Dialogue in Castilla y León, emblem of the management of the PP in the Community during the last two decades.

Last July Castilla y León has registered a slight drop in unemployment of 0.18% -209 fewer people-, which although better than the national average, is far from the decrease of the same month of 2021 with a drop of 20, 68%, which translated into 30,618 fewer unemployed. The regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, welcomed the figures, assuring that “today’s data shows the current strength of the economy of Castilla y León and the functioning of our employment policies”.