Friday, September 30

Vox takes Irene Montero to the Supreme Court for her manipulated statements about sex education

The far-right Vox party has decided to sue Minister Irene Montero in the Supreme Court for her statements on sex education. The formation directed by Santiago Abascal accuses the head of the Equality portfolio of inciting to commit a crime of corruption of minors for affirming, in an appearance in the Congress of Deputies, for affirming that minors have a “right” to know that sexual relations can be had “with whoever they want” but “based, yes, on consent”.

Cs calls for the resignation or dismissal of Irene Montero for her “inadmissible” statements about children

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These are statements that the extreme right has manipulated to imply that Irene Montero was in some way inciting Spanish children to have sexual relations when she was referring both to their right to receive sexual education and also, from the age of 16, to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy without prior parental permission. She did it to questions from one of the deputies present in the commission.

His exact words were: “Because all children in this country have the right to know their body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they don’t want to, and the right to love or have sexual relations with whoever gives them the wins, based that yes, on consent”.

Vox has spearheaded the strategy to pass off these statements as Montero’s institutional endorsement of pederasty and has now decided to take the case to the Supreme Court. The far-right formation ensures it’s a statement that he has filed a complaint against the Minister of Equality for a crime of corruption of minors, as stated in the body of the statement, or for inciting them to commit it, as the headline says.

The far-right party led by Santiago Abascal assures that his words are not protected by freedom of expression and now it will be the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court that decides whether or not to admit the complaint for processing. For the time being, as reported by, the second chamber led by Manuel Marchena has not admitted any of the complaints that Vox has filed against left-wing politicians in recent years.

The judicial action is part of the strong opposition that Vox intends to lead against the measures that have to do with sexual education promoted by the central executive. Already in 2019, for example, they used the phrase “take your dirty hands off our children” both to criticize measures in this direction of the European Union and also when we can proposed that the first cycle of early childhood education was free. In this case, Vox has demanded Montero’s resignation and also the closure of his ministry.

This is not the only complaint filed against the Minister of Equality in similar terms in recent hours. An association baptized as ‘Liberum’, known for its judicial opposition to coronavirus vaccines and containment measures in general, has also announced the filing of legal actions. Vox has also filed a brief with the Ombudsman for the same facts.

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