Monday, June 5

Vox uses a photo of Mariló Montero as a candidate in a town in Zaragoza

Ignacio López Giménez apologizes. The head of the Vox list in the Zaragoza town of Épila (4,500 inhabitants) attributes it to a printing error: the photo of the presenter Mariló Montero appears among the faces of the candidates of the far-right formation on the electoral poster for the municipal councils on May 28. Under the presenter’s portrait is the name of Elena Ariño López, sixth in the candidacy. “Something happened to the poster. We have already removed them. It’s that the candidate looks alike,” López Giménez explained by phone to

It is not, apparently, an electoral ploy to try to win votes in this agricultural and livestock municipality where the PSOE has governed without interruption since 1983.

The current mayor, since 2015, is Jesús Bazán. But from 1979 to 2005 it was Martín Llanas, first as an independent and then in the socialist ranks. The PSOE dominates with six councilors, compared to the three of the PP and the two of Ciudadanos. Vox’s chances next Sunday seem slim. Those of Elena Ariño, sixth in the candidacy, are remote.

The original photo that the Vox candidacy has mistakenly used for the electoral poster dates from 2020. It was taken by the photographer Paco Cuadra for the Getty Images agency. At that time Mariló Montero was promoting his novel Teacher, published months before with the journalist Carmen Gurruchaga. The work narrates the life of the pedagogue María de Maeztu.

The possibilities of Vox in Aragón do not seem too great either. The Simple Lógica poll for published on May 11 gave the far-right formation a range of between three and five regional deputies. The governability of the community is not clear, since none of the blocks would easily reach an absolute majority, which stands at 34 seats.

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