Friday, March 24

Vox votes against withdrawing the Golden Key of Madrid from Putin

All the political groups of the Madrid City Council, except Vox, have supported the withdrawal of the Golden Key of the city of Madrid granted to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in 2006 when Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón was mayor. The Vox spokesman in the City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, has justified his position alleging that they had doubts about whether the Key was granted to Putin “or to the Russian people”, “who are not to blame for supporting the tyrant”.

The proposal has been presented at the Cibeles Plenary by Más Madrid, which has defended an initiative of 15 measures in support of the Ukrainian people. “The Russian invasion has shown that European unity, its principles and firmness against autocrats and authoritarians are more necessary than ever”, defended the spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Rita Maestre, who has demanded “more European patriotism”.

Ortega Smith has described the Russian president as a “communist tyrant” who “has invaded a foreign country.” “Our most resounding condemnation of the invasion of a communist tyrant like Putin,” he said, later emphasizing that his party believes that it is “equally reprehensible when it acts against dissent.”

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has ridiculed on Twitter about Vox’s decision.

In his speech, Villacís has reproached Ortega Smith for the ambiguity that they have always maintained before the Russian dictator: “It doesn’t work, Mr. Ortega. He does not let it slip that the brave right-winger becomes a coward when Putin is denounced ”, while he reminded her of his friendship with the European far-rightists who did not believe that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. “Since they are your partners, pick up the phone, tell them what you think of Putin, tell them to support Europe instead of being the exceptions in Europe and then, mind you, we will start to believe them.”