Wednesday, August 10

Vox’s double standards on Cádiz: criticism of the “police repression” and support for the “attacked policemen”

Vox’s attitude about the protests of the metal sector in Cádiz seems to be taken from a quantum physics manual, in which one thing and the opposite can happen at the same time. The far-right formation did not have any qualms on Tuesday in criticizing the Interior Minister for the “repression” against the workers and, at the same time, showing its rejection of the clashes of the workers and students against the Police.

In 2020, Abascal’s party was less sympathetic to workers: did not support a vote of the Congress of Deputies which sought to declare the industry of the Bay of Cádiz and Algeciras as a strategic sector, and provide it with a workload.

Vox, in addition, joins the calls today the police unions Jupol and Jucil before delegations and sub-delegations of the Government against the reform of the Gag Law, prolegomena of the great demonstration next Saturday. Abascal will parade along with those he has described as “repressors.”

During the day of mobilizations this Tuesday, Abascal uploaded the following sentence about the metal workers in Cádiz to his social networks: “Instead of listening to their demands, Marlaska offers abandonment and repression.”

While the news showed the controversial police tank, Abascal considered these images “portray the left’s betrayal of the workers.”

“The only possible solution is the reindustrialization of the Bay and the protection of workers,” continued the leader of the green training. “They have thrown their flags to the ground and now they only offer them colorful, snobbish speeches, agendas contrary to their interests and repression. Against abandonment, the only solution is reindustrialization,” Abascal concluded in his tweet.

Vox’s support for workers mobilized with their rights contrasts with another parliamentary decision of the ultra formation. Also in December and also in 2020, those of Abascal failed in Congress in their attempt – together with the PP – to criminalize the pickets. Vox not only wanted to maintain the controversial article 315.3 of the Penal Code, but also wanted to increase the jail sentences for workers who coerce others to continue a strike, tightening the punishment with minimum prison sentences of two and a half years, which could reach up to four and a half years.

“Police attacked”

This Tuesday, at the same time that Abascal claimed to support the workers, the deputy of Vox Víctor González Coello from Portugal, appeared in Congress – in a speech highly applauded by his own -, showing his “solidarity” with “the young motorcyclist who he died yesterday stamped by a truck stopped by a picket line, “as well as” with the families of the policemen and policemen who were attacked. ”