Sunday, December 10

Voyager I: they solve problem that sent bad data | Digital Trends Spanish

A serious communication problem Voyager I was fixed by a group of NASA engineers, it’s about the probe’s articulation and attitude control system (AACS), which keeps the probe’s antenna pointed at Earth, started sending confusing information about its health and activities to mission controllers, despite functioning normally.

Therefore, the AACS had begun to send the telemetry data through an onboard computer that is known to have stopped working years ago, and the computer corrupted the information. It was most likely caused after it received a faulty command generated by another on-board computer.

Suzanne Dodd, project manager for Voyager, said: “We’re happy to have telemetry back,” Dodd said. “We’ll do a full read of the AACS memory and see everything it’s been up to. That will help us try to diagnose the problem that caused the telemetry problem in the first place. So we’re cautiously optimistic, but we still have more research to do.”

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have been exploring our solar system for 45 years. Both probes are now in interstellar spacethe region outside the heliopause, or bubble of energetic particles and magnetic fields from the Sun.

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