Wednesday, July 6

Wafaa Sebbah, victim of a sexist murder whose death will not appear in the statistics as gender violence

Last Thursday, Civil Guard agents located the lifeless body of Wafaa Sebbah, who disappeared in November 2019 in the Valencian town of Carcaixent. The remains of the 19-year-old girl were found in a well located on a farm owned by the family of David SO, who had been arrested just 24 hours earlier as the main suspect for the disappearance of Wafaa in an operation carried out by the Central Operational Unit. (UCO) of the Civil Guard and the Judicial Police of Valencia.

The arrested man has a history of serious sexist violence, with alleged assaults on different women, and had been singled out by the girl’s mother from the beginning because he had tried to maintain relations with Wafaa. She had refused. This situation has been confirmed by the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero: “It seems that she did not want to and he did.” The facts and the investigation are under summary secrecy.

Despite the fact that the murder has clear sexist implications – various complaints of serious assaults were recorded in the Viogen system – the violent death of Wafaa will not add to the official statistics of gender violence of the Ministry of Equality, since the young woman did not have any relation to his alleged murderer.

In the Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28, on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence, it appears that the purpose of the norm is to “act against violence that, as a manifestation of discrimination, the situation of inequality and the power relations of men over women, is exercised over them by those who are or have been their spouses or those who are or have been linked to them by similar emotional relationships, even without coexistence “.

The Valencian vice president Mónica Oltra has also explained that Wafaa’s death “will not add to the lists of women murdered by gender violence” as she has no relationship with her murderer. Oltra recalled that the Istanbul agreement equates gender violence with the rest of sexist violence, such as sexual assaults, genital mutilation or arranged marriages.

However, he clarified that although in Spain only women who died due to gender violence are counted, this does not mean “that the rest are not covered by the penal code, nor that they stop pursuing”, while explaining that Cases like Wafaa “are very minority” since most sexual assaults occur “in the space of trust of the victim”, where “defensive barriers are lower.” There is a different regulation, “it is not that the crime goes unpunished.”

Killed “for being women”

“Women are being killed for the mere fact of being women. We have to say enough and stop putting up with that martyrdom that many women are suffering before taking the step of reporting. The institutions have to be there and we are going to do everything. what is in our hands so that they feel safe because a dignified society cannot allow women to be killed for the fact of being so, “Calero declared.

In this sense, he reported that “this week in the Delegation there has been a meeting at the highest level to begin to review the tools and protocols that we have, which have saved many lives, but in this process of improvement, the administrations have to review why they continue to kill women and why women do not feel safe to take the step to report. ”

The Civil Guard operation

Agents of the Civil Guard found this Thursday the remains of the young woman from Pobla Llarga in a farm located about two kilometers from the Carcaixent plot in which the search began with the participation of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Armed Institute, search dogs and georradars.

After Wafaa’s disappearance, his case was related to that of Marta Calvo, since the confessed author of that other disappearance, Jorge Ignacio PJ, was a suspect in the murder of two other young women and the attack on seven others, and was arrested in the The same area as David S. Ovilde (Carcaixent), 30, who was arrested in the Valencian town of Manuel.