Sunday, December 10

Wages grew 4% in October and beat inflation for the fourth month in a row

In parallel, Salaries of registered employees increased 3.7%, both in the private and public sectors, above the 3.5% rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

It should be noted that in October there were joint adjustments in the following areas: Footwear, Truckers, Health, Building Managers, Metallurgists, Clothing, Wood, Confectioners, Meat, Textiles, Construction, Sports, Chemical and Gastronomic Entities.

With these numbers, wages accumulated an increase of 43.9% in the first 10 months of 2021, against an inflation of 41.8% in the same period. Salaries in the public sector led the rise (50.4%), followed by the registered private sector (46.5%) and then by those of the unregistered private sector (27.3%).

In interannual terms, the total Salary Index measured by INDEC grew 51.2%. By sector, the salaries of the registered private sector grew 52.8%, those of the public sector 56.7% and those of the unregistered private sector 38.4%.