Monday, August 8

Wall Street Wolf Predicts Ripple at $10 while Buying NFTs

Jordan Belfort, the trader who inspired the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, commented last Thursday (28) that he expects the Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) to reach the price of 10 dollars to sell its coins. Today XRP is quoted at $1.07.

Both Belfort and Ripple have faced problems in the US courts in different cases. In the case of Belfort, everything it had achieved was gone and XRP ended up dropping several positions in the ranking of cryptocurrencies due to a process that has dragged on for almost a year at the US CVM, the SEC.

The Wolf of Wall Street also entered the world of NFTs this week, being happy with its decision to enter this sector. According to Belfort, who had his Twitter hacked by artists and NFT holders trying to sell his fish, “if you haven’t joined, it’s not too late.”

Ripple e Belfort

Belfort, who had his life portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, recently started dabbling in cryptocurrencies and has been accused by the community of promoting suspicious cryptocurrencies.

In his latest tweets, Belfort revealed himself to be a Ripple Holder (XRP), having at least $100,000 in XRP, believing the price of the coin could go up 10 times.

“I’m a big XRP holder (six digits)! My TV contact thinks [a XRP] is the best thing since [invenção do] Sliced ​​bread. he thinks that [a XRP] goes to $10,000. I hope he’s right, but I’ll settle for $10.”

Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street, on Ripple’s price. Source: Twitter

The SEC’s action against Ripple had a strong impact on the price of the currency that ended up losing the current bull market for cryptocurrencies. It ended up falling from 3rd to 7th position since December last year, the date of the filing of the process.

Bets on NFTs

In addition to Ripple, Belfort is also betting on the NFT sector. This week he invested 102.49 ETH, around 2.5 million reais on the purchase of a CryptoPunk, currently used as a profile picture on your Twitter account.

According to him, entering the world of NFTs was the best decision he made regarding investments in cryptocurrencies in the last year. In addition to CryptoPunk, Belfort also revealed that he has purchased a Metasaurs and said he will make even more purchases.

“Diving into this space was as big a decision as my diving into cryptocurrencies last year”

Of course, we need to remember that it’s not a good idea to follow the tips of someone who’s made a lot of people lose money by trusting him with money. If you want to invest in XRP or NFTs, do your own research first.